Monday, August 20, 2012

monday missings

yesterday profit 6,12 units (2w-1l) , after 6 days finally lost pick ...but again good profit
total profit this month in vip: 37,72 units!!
18w - 3v - 10l 

» Division 1 »
Trollhattan - Oddevold

derby match,quality on away side but in derby matches its not so important.
Trollhatan miss Al Habobi(df 7/1),Johanson(df 12/0),Bogdanovic(mf 8/2) and Ekstrom(att 12/1)
Trollhattan squad:Målvakter: Mäkinen och Kodalaev
Försvarare: Phiri, Janevski, Stanisic, Sundström, C Daoud, Rådström
Mittfält/Anfall: Lundgren, A Beqiri, I Beqiri, Winroth, Ehner, Rundström, Zeqiri, J Daoud, Thorsell

Oddevold line up:
Peter Zwetsloot Isaksson
Kim Karlsson-Patrik Adamczyk-Gustav Granqvist-Robert Johansson
Sebastian Jaconelli-Albin Pettersson-Henrik Palmersjö-Matthias Karlsson
Tom Ekliden-Andreas Lind
reserves:Jonathan Erlandsson, MV
Jimmy Kamperin, MV
Joakim Jensen
Angelo Vega
Mentor Zhubi
Christoffer Söderlund
Andreas Johansson

» SuperLiga »
Sonderskidsye - Odense
home team have full squad.
Odense miss injured first gk Christiansen(gk 5/0) and Traore(mf 4/1) ,while midifler Johason(mf 5/0) is suspended.

 » Premier League »
Bray - Derry 
Bray today miss defender Knight(df 13/0) and best player Jason(att 20/12 top scorer)
Derry with full squad
last 2 matches
Derry 3-2 Bray
Bray 0-4 Derry

Sligo - UCD
both teams with problems in attacking line up
Sligo miss best player North(att 16/14 top scorer)
UCD miss Kelly(gk 2/0),Belhoul(df 10/0),Mullhal(mf 6/0) and Rusk(att 12/7 top scorer).

Romania » Liga I »
Brasov - Astra
Astra have new coach
Brasov miss best player Buga(att 4/4 top scorer)

Viitorul Constanta - Gaz Metan
V.Constanta is club formed in 2009,their boss is ex football legend Hagi ,the team is based on young tallents... They start in Liga III then for 3 years they come to Liga I and now their "goal" is to be in top10. today have full squad,no injuries & suspensions.
Gaz Metan miss Trtovac(df 0/0),Breeveld(mf 1/0),Bawab(att 0/0) and Vitinho(att 2/0).

» SuperLiga »
Gencelbirligi - Antalyspor

Gencelbirligi with full squad today.
Antalyspor is totaly new team! many important and regular players left team but also many new faces came in club. today miss Aissati.

Galatasaray - Kasimpasa

away team are coming on this match with big motivation and want to suprise Galata but that is impossible for me.
Galata miss Kaya,Bayat and striker Yilmaz
Kasimapasa miss Yaman and Buyuk

(later maybe norway lower division ,helps from first team)

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