Sunday, August 19, 2012

Juan Aurich - Cesar Vallejo


            Juan Aurich                   -                             Cesar Vallejo 

Juan Aurich on home ground 10w-3d-2l ,very good record. They are last season champion,for me best team in Peru.
Cesar Vallejo finish like 2nd with 55pts (2 less than 1st placed Garcilaso). On away ground 5w-4d-6l.
today Cesar Vallejo without Flores(gk 13/0),Velazques(att 29/10 ,2nd scorer),Solis(df 18/1) and few others.
JA 2-1 C.Vallejo
JA 2-0 C.Vallejo
JA 3-0 C.Vallejo

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