Tuesday, August 21, 2012

basketball,league one and sweden superettan 21/08

England League One
Carlisie - Tranmere dnb 1

Carlisie maybe will have problems in attack because 3 strikers are injured for this game,Miller,Madden and Foy.
Tranmere have 2nd youngest squad in league,today they miss 3 regular players Goodison(df 43/1),McGurk(att 31/4) and new signed player Black(df),while McHrystal(df 18/1) is doutbful
+ many players left club: Showunmi(att 27/3),Cassidy(att 10/5),Ains(att 44/5),Burgess(att ,retire), best player Labadie(mf 27/5),Welsh(mf 44/3),Weir(mf 39/3),Devaney(mf 20/2),Raven(df 17/0),Buchaen(df 41/1) and Tiryaki(att 28/3) - all this players were very important, 9 players from this who left team score almost half of total scored goals last season.

Scunthorpe - Crewe dnb1
Scunthorpe today without Mozika(mf 18/2),Collins(mf2/0),Duffy(mf 37/2) and new signing Reid(df)
Crewe have youngest team in league,also they have lowest budget in league... today miss 3 regular players,out are  first gk Philips(49/0),Tootle(df 40/0) and new signing West(should be regular player),doubtful are Westwood(mf 44/3) and Clayton(att 27/4)
Crewe lost many important players on transfermarkt. players who left club; Artell(df 34/2),Miller(mf 33/5),best player Powel(mf 41/15 top scorer),Shelley(df 26/1),Martin(df 31/0),Bell(mf 33/0) and few reserves.

Coventry - Sheffield Utd
Coventry was very bad last season in Championship and relegate in League One. today Coventry miss Bell(mf 28/0),Christie(df 37/0),Thomas(mf 27/1) and Fleck.
 of course because they relegate many players left team Eastwood(key striker 9/0),Birgiman(mf 26/0),Cranie(df 38/0),Keogh(df 45/0),Deegen(mf 24/3) and Platt(att 33/4) + club have financial worries.
Sheffield have biggest budget in League One,they are one of the main candidates for promotion!

Sweden Superettan
Hammarby - Landskrona

Hammarby miss Theorin(mf 14/0),Dahl(mf 14/3, 2nd scorer) and suspended Forsberg(mf 13/1). doubtful are Tello(mf 13/3 ,2nd scorer) and Lallet(mf 15/6 top scorer)
Landskrona miss Astrom(mf 11/2),Mijalevic(att 10/4) and Svanback(df 19/2).

Basketball EuroBasket
Italy - Turkey

Italy miss Bellieli and Bargniani
Turkey miss Turkoglu,Asik,Onan and Tuncheri.
both teams without key players.

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