Tuesday, August 14, 2012

from my cyprus friend

Aris - Apollon dnb 2 @2.37(betsafe)
FT 0-3 

dont want to bet on frendly but here i see big value

Aris have financial problems,last season they relegate and all players left club! ALL!!!!
Gelson(att 25/11 top scorer),Sosin(att 25/3),Gonzales(att 25/5 ,2nd scorer),Lazic(mf 31/2),Ionescu(mf 25/4, 3rd scorer),Vasioulou(mf 30/4 ,3rd scorer),Klimpl(mf 26/1),Stepanov(df 15/1),first gk Kovacs(gk 27/0) left Aris.

now team is full of youngsters!!


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