Friday, March 7, 2014

08/03 saturday infos

Hiroshima - Kawasaki
ht/ft 2/1 @30.00 (sbobet)

stake: 0,5/10

HT 0-1
FT 2-1 pick won

odds blocked and dropped everywhere, in local bookies maybe u can find this match for betting.
huge bets placed in asian bookies...

few transfers between them
Kawasaki's coach Yahiro Kazama is ex Hiroshima's player!!!

Kawasaki's coach Kazama and Hiroshima's coach Moriyasu are big friends,they were team-mates in Hiroshima , from 1988 till 1996 !!
possible fixing here.
Kawasaki is my favourite team for 2/1;1/2 they are big fixers .. before 2 seasons they made incredible 6 times 2/1;1/2 , they simply love to do this...

South Africa
Free State Stars - Ajax Cape Town
1 @2.60 (sbobet)
stake: 5/10
one of my favourite 3for3 matches from my archive.
last season Ajax was fighting to stay in laegue and FSS gave them 3 points .. now FSS is in bad situation , they are in dangerous zone and they need points!
Head-to-head: Free State Stars - Ajax Cape Town
Premier League 2013/2014
Ajax Cape TownFree State Stars1:02.483.022.6723.10.2013
Premier League 2012/2013
Ajax Cape TownFree State Stars4:22.412.952.7607.04.2013
Free State StarsAjax Cape Town2:
Premier League 2011/2012
Free State StarsAjax Cape Town1:
Ajax Cape TownFree State Stars3:11.983.223.3323.09.2011
Premier League 2010/2011
Ajax Cape TownFree State Stars1:01.733.234.3025.02.2011
Free State StarsAjax Cape Town2:12.802.972.3713.11.2010
Premier League 2009/2010
Ajax Cape TownFree State Stars0:01.653.334.8325.11.2009
Free State StarsAjax Cape Town1:
Premier League 2008/2009
Free State StarsAjax Cape Town3:
Ajax Cape TownFree State Stars2:11.793.024.5315.11.2008
13/11/2010 Free State Stars 2-1 Ajax Cape Town (ht 0-1;ft 2-1) , 2/1!!

there are few transfers also >
also i found another very interesting info for guests they are without some very important players..
captain Dominic Isaacs(df 18/0) is still serving a suspension, Nathan Paulse(att 16/4 top scorer) is out for the rest of the season due to an injury. Also out are Eleazar Rodgers(att 16/2) and Granwald Scott(mf 6/1) due to injuries. Allie(df 4/0) , Vezi(mf 0/0) , Cale(mf 1/0) are long term injured and i dont have info is some of them back in squad...

Germany Bundesliga
Hamburger - Eintracht Frankfurt
frankfurt +0ah @2.20 (pinnacle)
stake: 4/10

some very important players are injured or have some illness in hosts team.
Drobny(second gk 4/0), Stritzel(third gk 0/0), Jansen(df 19/1), Lam(df 9/1), Rajkovic(df 2/0), L. Sobiech(df 10/1), Calhanoglu(mf 22/6), Demirbay(mf 0/0), Nafiu(att 0/0), Steinmann(mf 0/0), van der Vaart(mf 19/7 Grippe), Beister(mf 16/5), Lasogga(att 17/11 top scorer) are unavailable at this moment , for weekend we will have more infos about this match.

-- Badelj(mf 21/1) , Zhin(df) , Jiracek(mf 11/1) and Ilicevic(mf 10/1) are also injured acording to

France Ligue 1
Bastia - PSG
psg -1,5ah @2.01 (sbobet)
stake: 3/10
big quality difference.
Bastia have important absences captain Cahuzac(mf 21/0),Krasic(mf 17/0),Yatabare(mf 9/0),Ba(mf 12/3),Raspentino(mf 11/2),Cioni(df 9/0),Palmieri(df 22/0) and Landreau(first gk 22/0) are unavailable, Romaric(mf 23/4 ,2nd scorer) and Khazri(mf 24/4 ,2nd scorer) were on international duty.
i dont have to talk about PSG's quality, they are leader on table and have best team in league. No important missings , Cavani(att 22/14 ,2nd scorer) is back after injury.
i expect easy away win. PSG @1.3  is good bet for combos.

Poland Basketball
Tarnobrzeg - Kotwice
kowtice lost 3 key players > Jordan Callahan(SG 15,8ppg-3,6apg), Jessie Sapp(SF 14,1ppg-4,6rpg),Johnson(PF 11,7ppg-4,9rpg) they all left club.

Premeir League
WBA - Man Utd
WBA without Anelka(att 12/2) and Jones(df 3/0).
Man Utd without Jones(df 16/0) and Nani(att 7/0).

Cardiff - Fulham
Cardiff without Hudson(df 2/0).
Fulham without Briggs(df 2/0),Amorabieta(df 16/0),Duff(mf 15/0) and Parker(mf 24/2)

Norwich - StokeNorwich wtihtout Bennett(mf 1/0),Turner(df 17/0),Gutierrez(mf 2/0) and Fer(mf 26/3).
Stoke without Huth(df 12/0),Adam(mf 26/7) and Assaidi(att 16/3)

Chelsea - Tottenham
Chelsea without Ginkel(mf 2/0).
Tottenham without Chirches(df 13/1),Rose(df 13/0),Capoue(mf 12/1) and Lamela(att 9/0)

Austra Bundesliga
Ried - Salzburg

Ried without Reiter(df 0/0),Riegler(df 16/0,Wieser(mf 12/0),Moschl(mf 18/2) and Walch(mf 20/5).
Salzburg without Ulmer(df 23/1) and Alan(att 21/21 top scorer)

Neustadt - Sturm
Neustadt without Siebendhandl(second gk 7/0),Angeler(mf 1/00 and Denner(df 3/0).
Sturm without Madl(df 23/1),Ehrenreich(df 8/0),Hutter(df 7/0),Pfingstner(df 0/0). gk Pliquett(first gk 16/0) is doubtfull

Austria Vienna - Grodig
A.Vienna without Stankovic(mf 16/6),Grunwald(mf 7/2) and Luxbacher(mf 1/0).
Grodig without Schubert(df 5/0),Cabrera(Df 10/1),Hayden(df 6/0),Potzmann(mf 11/0),boller(mf 19/0),Leitgeb(mf 18/4) and Stankovic(first gk 14/0)

Spain Primera
Celta Vigo - Atletico Madrid

Atletico without Arda(mf 22/3), D. Costa(att 26/21 top scorer), Tiago(mf 15/2), Godin(df 24/2), Manquillo(df 3/0)


  1. cheqe if u would check odds on sbobet u could probably see that sbobet blocked ht/ft Hiroshima - Kawasaki, but no, better put a bet which was destroyed yesterday ;/

  2. i know mate i checked on many online bookies to see that game (i open around 20 bookies sites to check some of them have but those with funny limits you know) i decide to post pick becuase in local bookies u could get odds around 30.00

    HT 0-1
    FT 2-1

  3. Hi, Che, Do you have an other guess?