Thursday, March 6, 2014

friday 07/03 strong pick

France National
Paris FC - Vannes 1 @2.32(sbobet)
stake: 4/10
Paris FC is doing very good this season.. in last few weeks they are very bad on home ground already 5 matches without win.. and now this is simply must win situation! most probably best striker Ekambi(att 16/9 top scorer) will miss but they have Fofana(last season Quevily top scorer) who can replace him very well.

Vannes who is very weak on away ground > 2nd worst away team, 0w-4d-7l (only 6 scored goals) will have big problems with absences tomorrow.
Steven Pelé(df 16/0), Amos Youga(df 19/1), Nestor Kodjia(mf 19/1) et David Suarez(att 16/4) are suspended, Thierry Argelier(df 12/1) et Heindrick Cakin(mf 14/2) are injured, Stéphane Welsh et Yannick Aguemon(att 16/4) are very doubtful , Souffou Ridjali(mf 2/0) et Alister Bizolon(df 3/0) are recovering from injuries but not ready for this match
3 (all) central defenders are missing (Youga,Pele and Bizolon) , Argelier who play CD is also missing so big problems for that position....

with all this missings in away team i exect home win.

Emelec - Manta, manta +1,5ah @1.9 (bet365)
stake: 3/10
emelec is maybe the best team in league ,they have amazing players very good for this league but today many of them are unavailable ...
Marcos Mondaini(att 4/1), John Narváez(df 5/0) and Miler Bolaños(mf 5/1) are out. Jorge Guagua(df 4/0), Gabriel Achilier(df 3/0), Óscar Bagüí(df 5/0) and Fernando Gaibor(mf 2/0) are doubtful.
Dreer; Vera, J. L. Quiñónez, Nasuti, Giménez; Lastra, P. Quiñónez, Caicedo, Mena; Escalada, Stracqualursi. DT: Gustavo Quinteros.
Camacho; Sierra, Romaña, López, Calle; Mera, Recalde, E. Lastra, Saltos, Márquez; Castillo.
DT: Juan Manuel Llop.

CS Constantine - USM Alger
for two days Constantine play CAF match , there were rumours that CSC will rest players but that is not true,they will play with A team! Benattia(mf 7/1) and key defender Berthe(df 13/0) are missings. there will be bonus money for CSC players if they win this match.
USM Alger is best team in league. Khoualed(mf 20/1) miss for USM

Algarve Cup (womens)
Norway W - Iceland W 

Norway without Christensen(df 86/11),Mykjaland(att 55/9),Gulbrandsens(mf 169/49),Kaurin(fw 98/5).
Iceland without 3 imo best players in national team > Margrét Lára Viðarsdóttir(att 92/70 top scorer), Hólmfríður Magnúsdóttir(mf 85/32) and captain Katrín Jónsdóttir(mf 132/21). Atladottir(df 50/0) is also not in squad.

France Ligue 2
Arles - Nancy

Arles without Plessis(mf 8/0),Coulomb(mf 5/0.
Nancy without Ayasse(mf 25/0),Louis(mf 21/9),Bachet(att 2/0). doubtfull are: Cuvillier(mf 25/3) and Moukjando(att 15/3)

Laval - Bastia
Laval without Stosic(df 12/0,Coututrier(df 23/0),Rippert(df 22/0),Baby(df 17/4) and Renouard(mf 15/2). Bastia without Agostini(gk 0/0),Phojo(df 11/0),Oswald(df 12/0),Truchet(df 17/0,ROmey(df 14/0),LambertI(mf 4/0),Kante(mf 0/0),difraya(mf 7/0),Rouamba(mf 7/0),Pastorelli(att 18/3),Mandrichi(att 8/0),Traore(att 1/0),Cropanense(mf 16/2) and N DIyae(att 18/1)

Hrvatski Dragovoljac - Rijeka

HD without Dolezal,Mrcela(df 16/1),Tomic,Zubak(mf 7/0) and Cubel.
Rijeka without Tomacek,Kvrzic,Zlomislic and Pokrivac

Basketball SPain
Burgos - Rincon

rincon without three important players > Todorović(SF 15,4ppg-3,7rpg), Diaz(PG 7,4ppg-2,7apg) and Pozas(SF 8,9ppg-2,6rpg)

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