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Handball SEHA
Vardar Skopje - Zagreb CO 1 @1.5 (betathome)
stake: 3/10

Vardar will have big fan support and they have to win this match for the fans.
Zagreb without some important players > out are: Ivić(gk 10/0), Obranović(B 5/6), Horvat(W 10/41), Šušnja(pivot 7/5), Mandalinić(B 10/43) and Kovačević(W 2/0)

Italy Serie B
Lanciano - Novara, lanciano -0,25ah @1.99 (pinnacle)
stake: 4/10
Lanciano on home ground is very good 6w-6d-2l , today they dont have important missings so i am on their side.
Novara miss whole midfield , all central midiflers are missing so it will be big blow for team. Lanciano is team who preffer to have possesion of ball and now vs Novara's young midfield and unexperienced midfield i expect to dominate.
here are the missings; Martinez(gk 0/0),Montipo(gk 0/0),Potouridis(df 8/0),Nava(df 7/0),Katidis(mf 9/0),Farango(mf 23/4),Buzzegoli(mf 27/1),Rigoni(mf 17/1),Pesce(mf 20/0) and Pivkovski(att 1/0) are all unavailable.

Greece Football League
Glyfada - Chania
chania -1ah @1.85 (bet365)
stake: 7/10;2

Glyfada is team who have big financial problems whole season. They are already relegated worst team in league they won only 9 points in 23 rounds. Glyfada's coach said he will give chance to younger players who didnt play much.χωρίς-γκέζο-η-γλυφάδα.html here u can check missing,host are missing 4 players but i cant understand the names.
Chania is fighting for promotion they simply must win this match.

Bulgaria » A PFG »
CSKA - Levski dnb2 @1.75 (titanbet)

stake: 4/10
biggest derby in bulgaria
they met before just few days and CSKA won 1-0 thanks to lucky goal in last minutes.. Levski was better in whole match.
now CSKA will be without 5-6 first team players which can be big blow for team in front of this derby match. Karachankov(mf 14/2), Райс Мболи(gk 6/0), Валентин Илиев(df 23/4), Апостол Попов(df 23/1), Омар Косоко(mf 17/2) и new signing Борис Галчев(mf 2/0). Неманя Милисавлевич(mf 26/2),Petrov(mf 9/3) and Porret(df 17/0) are doubtfull

Levski impressed me in last match and won strong Botev 3-1. Now they have 2 players back after injury/suspension.
everything is possible in this match because this is big derby but imo levski should stay unbeaten.

Bolivia » Liga de Futbol Prof »
The Strongest - San Jose
 2 @3.95 (bwin)
stake: 4/10
hm why not.
The Strongest's coach after win in Copa Libertadores on Wednesday said that in this match will use reserves.
San Jose looks very good, after 9 rounds they have 5w-2d-2l. they are sharing 1st place with Real potosi and Universitario (all with 17pts)

big value.

Italy Serie B
Bari - Avellino

Bari without Albadoro(att 2/0),Alonso(att 7/0),Leonetti(att 2/0),Delvecchio(att 5/0) and Nadarevic(att 4/0). Avellino without Masi(gk 0/0),Zappacosta(df 21/2),Massimo(mf 8/10,Pizza(mf 2/0) and Peccarisi(df 18/0)

Palermo - Brescia 1 @1.6stake: 3/10
Palermo without Hernandez(att 23/13 top scorer),Di Genarro(att 12/2),Morganella(df 15/1) and andjelkovic(df 23/1).
Brescia without Di Cesare(df 18/2),Paci(df 19/0),Oliveira(mf 6/0),Diouf(mf 0/0),Mitrovic(att 7/1),Mori(df 1/0) and two key players Sodinha(mf 17/2) and Caracciolo(att 24/15 top scorer).
atmosfhere in away team is bad, playmaker sodinha,best striker caracciolo and 3 central defenders are missing.. big problems.

Cittadela - Carpi
Cittadella without De Leidi(df 9/0),Di Donato(mf 14/0,Perez(att 23/3) and Coralli(att 22/5).
Carpi without Poli(df 13/0),Romagnoli(df 19/1),Pasciuti(att 15/1) and Concas(att 23/5).

Modena - Empoli
Modena without Manfredini(first gk 6/0),POtenza(df 15/0),Minarini(df 3/0) and Signori(att 17/2).
Empoli without Laurini(df 25/0,Croce(mf 27/1) and Mchedlidze(att 20/1).

Austria Bundesliga
Grodig - Innsbruck
Grodig without Cabrera(df 10/1),Schubert(df 5/0),Potzmann(df 11/0),Boller(mf 19/0) and Stankovic(first gk 14/0).
Innsbruck without Kofler(mf 19/2),Loffler(mf 12/),Hauser(df 24/1).

Sturm - Austria Viena
Sturm without Ehrenreich(df 8/0),Madl(df 23/1),Klem(df 25/0),Dudic(df 4/0) and Weber(mf 19/2).
Austria Wien without Grunwald(mf 7/2),Rottpuller(df 10/0) and Horvath(mf 5/0)

Rapid Wien - Ried
Rapid without Dibon(df 18/0) and Boskovic(mf 14/1).
Ried without  Reiter(df 0/0),Riegler(df 16/0),Wiesser(mf 12/0),Zwischenbrugger(mf 2/0),Bughuber(mf 1/0),Walch(mf 20/5),Moschl(mf 18/2) and PerstalleR(Att 18/3)

Finland Liiga Cup

sjk with strongest possible squad
hjk will use youngsters and reserves that is the reason why odds are dropping so much.

Veria - Atromitos

Veria without Sissoko(df 14/0),Apostolopoulos(df 12/0),Guille(mf 1/0),Zezinho(mf 20/0),Trapp(mf 21/0),Kaltsas(mf 25/2).
Atromitos miss only Lazaridis(Df 28/2)

OFI - Smyrnis
OFI without Veron(mf 11/0),Fragoulakis(mf 8/1),Lampropoulos(mf 13/1) and Sisic(att 4/0).
Smyrnis without Kanakoudis(df 15/0),Alvarez(mf 23/1) and Diamantis(mf 7/0)

Olympiakos - Panthrakikos
Oly play semi final match on wednesday ,today little rotation but still they are better.
Olympiakos without Siovas(df 11/0),Marcano(df 4/1),Manolas(df 22/3),SalinO(df 17/0),Ibagaza(mf 9/1),Olaitan(att 16/8) and Saviola(att 23/11 top scorer).
Panthrakikos without Koutsopoulos(first gk 4/0),Seremet(second gk 19/0),Papagerigou(df 28/0),Tzanis(att 26/5),Cases(mf 19/6) and Igor(att 26/9)

Germany 3 Liga
Erfurt - Stuttgart II
Erfurt without Mockel(df 5/0),Laurito(df 21/1),Fillinger(mf 8/0),Kammlot(att 5/2) and Tunjic(att 24/3). Stuttgart II withot Vlachimos(firs tkg 14/0),Sirgedas(mf 3/0) and Gruttner(att 27/10 top scorer).

Duisburg - Kiel
Duisburg without Ratajczak(first gk 25/0),Kuhne(df 21/0) and Dum(mf 20/0).
Kiel without Krause(mf 9/0),Linder(att 2/1) and Hebler(Att 0/0)

Saarbrucken - Dortmund II
Saarbrucken without Falkenberg(df 19/0),MaeK(mf 9/1),Eggert(mf 13/0),Kreuels(mf 8/0) and Rathgeber(att 18/4).
Dortmund II without Bonmann(gk 4/0),AminI(mf 15/1),Bandowski(df 17/1),Treude(mf 27/2) and Ducksh(att 19/12 top scorer)

Stuttgarter - Chemnitzer
Stuttgarter without KRauss(first gk 21/0),Braun(mf 28/1),Savranlioglu(mf 4/0),Engelbrecht(att 2/0) and Alvarez(att 16/4).
Chemnitzer without Hensel(mf 23/0) and MAuer(mf 10/1)

Munster - Heidenheim
Munster without Bischoff(mf 18/4) and Riedel(df 18/0).
Heidenheim no important missings

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