Friday, March 14, 2014

14/03 infos

Townsville - Wollongong 2 @2.00 (5dimes)
stake: 5/10
Townsville lost all chances for play off (top 4 places). Wollongong is on 4th place , 3 rounds till end of regular season they must win this and next two matches if they want to stay on 4th place and go in play offs.
Kevin Tiggs(15,6ppg) is back in Wollongong's roster and this will be huge boost for team!

Townsville without best player and leader Brian Conklin(SF 16,2ppg-4,8rpg) !! Josh Pace(SG 14,7ppg- 5,1rpg) is back after injury but in last match he score only 11pts , so he still isnt fully recovered..

so unimportant match for hosts and very important match for guests. motivation on away side,quality also. hosts without best player. it is expected Townsville's coach to give chances to some bench players who didnt played too much this season.
i must take this with higher stakes.

Ural - Terek Grozny
ural without Goshokov. Novikov is doubtfull.
Terek without Gorodov.

Kilmarnock - Celtic

Kilmarnock without Jackson Irvine(mf 21/1),Sammy Clingan(mf 14/1) and Darren Barr(df 12/2)
Celtic missings: Nir Biton(mf 15/0) and James Forrest(mf 16/4) will not be in the Celtic squad,Anthony Stokes(att 23/10 ,2nd scorer) has shaken off an ankle knock while Virgil van Dijk(df 27/4) will serve a one-game suspension

Holland Eerste Divisie
Excelsior - MVV
Excelsior without Kalisse(att 12/0).
MVV is full

Telstar - De Graafschap

Telstar without Keurntjes(mf 18/1) and Kulhan(att 30/3).
De Graafschap without Bakens(df 14/2),Pavert(df 27/1),Meijer(mf 8/2) and Hulst(mf)

Hungary NB I
Diosgyor - Lombard Papa

Diosgyor without Kadar(df 17/1) and Futacs(att 13/6) - both suspended.
Papa without long term injured Maric(att 0/0) and Dlusztus(df 0/0) + suspended toth(df 16/0)

France Ligue 2
Lavas - Auxerre
Laval without Couturier(df 23/0,Goncalves(mf 15/0) and Renouard(mf 15/2).
Auxerre without injured Sorin(first gk 15/0) and suspended Leon(second gk 13/0). Idir(mf 25/1),Viale(att 18/1),Marester(df 21/0) and gavory(mf 7/0) are also out.

Bastia - Troyes
CA Bastai without Agostini(gk 0/0),Romey(df 14/0),Fourtier(Df 3/0).Oswald(Df 12/0),PhojO(df 11/0),Kante(mf 0/0),LambertI(mf 4/),Difraya(mf 7/0),Traore(att 1/0),LE Mat(att 15/2),Pastorelli(att 18/3) and Grimaldi(mf 15/1).
Troyes without Drouin(df 0/0),Saunier(df 13/2),Diyae(df 15/0),Camara(att),Grax(att),Psaume(att 7/2),Xavier(mf 9/0),Azamoum(mf 2/00 and Jean(att 17/2)
big dropping on 1/2 (ht/ft) on this match!

Istres - Clermont
Istres without Bosqui(df 15/0) and JEunechamp(df 8/0) both suspended, Belmonte(mf 2/0),Leroy(mf 26/5) and Malfeury(att 10/6) are injured.
Clermont without Lippini(df 17/0),Bochkhorni(df 18/0),Betsch(mf 21/0),Bettiol(att 20/4) and Capelle(att 2/0).

Caen - Nimes
Caen without Saez(mf 7/2) and Felipe(df 15/0).
Nimes without Benyahia(df 3/0) and attacking duo Nouri(att 23/4) and BEnmeziane(att 23/10 top scorer)

Dijon - Le Havre
Dijon without Lecomte(first gk 22/0),Remy(df 13/1),Kone(att 16/4),Berenguer(att 17/2),Amalfitano(mf 16/0),Molley(mf 17/0).
Le Havre without Sao(att 12/1),Riviere(att 12/3) and MAnzala(mf 10/1)

Germany 2 Bundasliga
Aalen - Bochum
Aalen without Klauss(mf 19/3) and Pohjanpalo(att 13/2)
Bochum without Sinkiewicz(df 3/0),Eyjolfsson(df 14/1).

Paderborn - Dynamo Dresden
Paderborn without Krosche(mf 14/2) and Wemmer(df 22/3).
Dresden without Mravac(df 8/0),Schulze(df 17/1),Aoudia(att 15/6) and Muller(att 7/1)

Ingolstadt - FSV Frankfurt
h2h pretty suspecious , looks like some kind of cooperation.
FSV Frankfurt without Pellowski(third gk 0/0), Djengoue(df 10/0), Kaffenberger(mf 1/0), Yelen(mf 11/3), Kapllani(att 22/10 top scorer) and Pagenburg(att 4/0). Nefiz(mf 0/0) and Roshi(mf 15/0) are sick. captain Schlicke also have some injury problems but probably will be ready.

Turkey SuperLig
Karabukspor - Galatasaray

Karabukspor without Ozek(att 20/0),Ozmert(mf 11/0) and Incedemir(mf 20/1).
Galata without Yilmaz(mf 6/0) and Colak(att 13/0). Eboue,Burdisso and Altintop are not in squad.

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  1. Lombard Papa without: Toth (D 16/0), Nagy (D 5/0), Orosz Mark (M 18/3)