Thursday, March 20, 2014

Loko Plovdiv - Dobruzhda
pick: dobruzhda +2,5ah
odds: 2.10 (marathonbet)
stake: 4/10

first let Dobrudzha 0-3 Loko Plovdiv.
Loko finish the job in 1st leg, for this match coach Aleksandar Stankov decide to put reserves on field.
line up: Акалски(second gk 1/0), Марков(df 5/0), Трифонов(df 2/0), Грънчов(df 0/0), Йошев(4/0), Намуши(4/1), Коруджиев(1/0), Якимов(mf 14/0), Кики(16/2), Гади(att 16/4), Делев(att 3/0). (only 2-3 regular players)

Dobruzhda is team from 2nd league who is fighting for promotion, they have money and quality players with 1st league experience. today they will use best possible line up.
Dobruzhda line up: Н. Радомиров, Иванов, Христозов, Гаджалов, Д. Димитров, Кр. Станоев, Ем. Колев, Кр. Димитров, Ив Димитров, Сп. Георгиев, Ив. Цачев.

also dont forget that Loko's owned is one of the dirtiest persons in Bulgaria , he is in many scandals for fixing matches, big possibility to fix something here.

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