Tuesday, March 11, 2014

11/03 informations

Romania - Serbia

Romania have new coach, best player Radu is back in team (before that he wasnt in roster because of conflicts with ex coach).
Serbia's selector Dejan Savic decide to rest some of key players , today with mixed team.

Slovakia - Germany
Germany without Nossek, Real, Jungling, Schuller and first goalkeeper Kong .. all of them very important players
in last match germany 10-12 italy (nossek 4goals , real 2 goals). germany 10-13 montenegro (nossek 3g,real 2g and schuller 2g)

Gaziantep BB - Minsk , gaziantep -8ah @1.82 (pinnacle)
stake: 3/10
Minsk without two very important americans > Benson(C 15,6ppg-7,7rpg) and Hunter(10,1ppg-4,9rpg) - both are injured.
it is very hard to play in turkish halls, fans make big pressure to referees and they are very loud. in last league fans attack referees because they make some mistakes...


  1. Big miss with Gaziantep BB :(

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