Friday, March 28, 2014

29th march

Rudar Velenje - Domzale
pick: 1
odds: 2.03 (sbobet)
stake: 3/10
Rudar played important cup match before 3 days and they lost 0-1.. for this match two defenders are missing > Jesenicek(df 16/0) and Klasnik(df 21/1)
Domzale is the youngest team in league.. today without 6 players + 2 more are doubtfull ... important midiflerMajer(mf 14/2), Korun(mf 14/1), best striker S. Vuk(att 19/8 ,2nd scorer), Šišić(att 0/0), Skubic(df 18/0), Pihler(mf 4/1) are out Parker(mf 17/9 top scorer) and Maksimović(mf 6/0) are doubtfull. if Parker is not ready to play i expect home win without big problems.
last match when Rudar was hosts > Rudar 3-1 Domzale

England Championship
Millwall - Blackburnpick: blackburn +0ah
odds: 1.85 pinnacle
stake: 3/10
Millwall is without win in last 6 home matches (3d-3l).. today they are missing 6 regular players. Bailey(mf 21/1),Shittu(df 22/1),Malone(df 25/1),Chaplow(mf 19/1),Martin(mf 20/0),Easter(att 17/3) and Campbell(att 9/2) are all unavailable.
Blackburn is mid-table team,they still have chances to catch promotion play off.. today without Henley(df 14/0),Etuhu(mf 1/0 long term injured) and Marshall(att 18/2)
i dont believe that millwall will stop their bad serie on home ground, i think maximum here they can take a draw.

Ajaccio - Toulouse
pick: 2
odds: 1.96 (pinnacle)

stake: 3/10
it was good known even before start of season that Ajaccio will relegate.. how could squad with only 22 players (from who 3 are goalkeepers and 3 youngsters) stay in France best league, it was mission impossible and now after 30 rounds everything is clear..
in front of this match Ajaccio have big problems with absences especially in defence.. 3 central defenders Denis Tonucci(df 15/0), Ronald Zubar(df 15/1),Claude Dielna(df 18/0), most valuable striker Dennis Oliech(att 13/1), captain Johan Cavalli(mf 19/1) et Iiuri Iakovenko(att 2/0) are out,Hengbart(df 17/0) and Pedretti(mf 9/1) are back on training but no info are they ready or not for the match.
Toulouse in good form 4w-1d in last 5 matches... on away ground they play very good (3rd best away team in league!!). in last 5 matches on away ground Toulouse have 4 wins and 1 draw!!
Regatin(mf 15/0) is back in Toulouse.
i am only scared because of the fact that Toulouse play practically for nothing, they have chances for European places but those chances are minimal..
i expect easy away win here becuase of the big missings in Ajaccio's squad

Italy Serie B
Varese - Palermo

Varese without Ricci(df 9/0),Trevisan(df 6/1),Spendlhofer(df 3/0),Falcone(att 7/1),Momente(att 1/0),Netto(att 21/1),Cristiano(mf 15/1) and Bastioni(Gk 10/0).
Palermo without MOrganella(df 15/1),Gennaro(mf 12/2),Barreto(mf 24/2) and Hernandez(att 24/13 top scorer).

Pescara - Reggina
Pescara without Capuano(df 14/0),Schiavi(df 22/0),Cosic(df 11/0),Viviani(mf 6/2),Bovo(mf 8/0),Sampassa(att 1/0) and Francesto(att 0/0).
Reggiana without Angel(mf 8/0)

Cesena - Novara
Cesena without Campagnolo(gk 12/0),Agilardi(gk 2/0),CAmporese(df 11/1),De Feudis(mf 27/1),Renzetti(mf 28/0),Galli(mf 0/0) and Capelli(df 23/1).
Novara without Martinez(gk),Montipo(gk),Genevier(mf 10/0),Parravicini(mf 3/0),Buzzegoli(mf 29/2),Katidis(mf 9/0),Rigoni(mf 17/1),Pesce(mf 20/0) and Nava(df 7/0)

Modena - Spezia
Modena without Potenza(df 15/0),Minari(df 3/0),Signri(mf 17/2) and Salifu(mf 20/0).
Spezia without Pires(mf 12/0),Bianchetti(df 8/0),Rivas(att 16/0) and Migliore(df 29/2 suspended)

Avellino - Cittadella
Avellino without DI Masi(gk),Arini(mf 28/5),Massimo(mf 8/1),Abera(df 2/0) and Dia(att 3/0).
Cittadella without Leidi(df 9/0),Marino(df 15/0),COly(df 21/0),Paolucci(mf 21/0),Coralli(att 22/5 top scorer) and Di Gennaro(first gk 31/0)
i like here home win but i dont know did avellino really want promotion or not so no bet.

England Premier League
Crystal Palace - Chelsea 2 @1.5 good for combo
C.Palace have problems in attack out is attacking duo Chamakh(5g) and Gayle(3g) are out.
Chelsea without Eto'o , Ramires , Cole and van Ginkel

Germany 2 Bundesliga
Bochum - Aue

Bpchm without Bastians(df 13/0),Gyamerah(df 2/0),Maltriz(df 27/2),Zahirovic(mf 9/0) and Tasaka(att 26/3).
Aue withou Schlitte(df 3/0)

Karlsruher - Kaiserslautern
Karlsruher without Varnhagen(mf 8/0) and Micanski(att 19/4).
Kaiserslautern without Riedel(df 2/0),Bunjaku(att 2/0)

France Ligue 2
Angers - Metz

Angers without Diallo(df 0/0),Henin(df 12/1),Gomez(mf 9/0),Pessalli(mf 7/0),Manceau(mf 22/0),Sarr(att 1/0),Diers(att 18/1),Eudeline(att 7/1),Yatarra(att 23/9 top scorer) and Letellier(gk 2/0).
Metz without Bourgeois(att 9/0),Cornet(att 10/0),Kashi(mf 27/0),Teixeira(mf 4/0) and Fauvergue(att 25/4)


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