Monday, March 24, 2014

25th march infos

Spain Primera
Malaga - Espanyol
pick: espanyol +0,25ah
odds: 1.80
stake 3/10;2

I watch last Malaga's match and they were destroyed but somehow they win 0-2 thanks to goals of Ignacio Camacho(2goals).. for this match some very important players are unavailable  Sanchez(df 26/0), Gomez(df 23/0), Camacho(mf 26/3), captain Duda(mf 20/2) and Tissone(mf 26/1) are all out
Espanyol without important missings, I believe that Espanyol will stay unbeaten here because they have better team.

England Championship
Huddersfield - Middlesbrough
pick: huddersfield +0ah
odds: 1.79 (188bet;pinnacle)
stake: 4/10
after long time Huddersfield finally in full squad. Vaughan(att 22/10 top scorer) is finally back from injury. Lynch(df 26/2) and Smith(df 18/0) will face late fitness test. Huddersfield play good on home ground 8w-4d-6l.

Boro in big problems with injuries and suspensions in front of this match. Leutwiler(second gk 3/0), Ayala(df 16/3), Parnaby(df 3/0), Hines(df 2/0), Woodgate(df 21/0), Williams(df 22/0) and Carayol(mf 32/8 ,2nd scorer) are injured. Leadbitter(mf 33/6 ,3rd scorer) is suspended... Big problems with central defender's position because 4 central defenders (ayala,hines,woodgate,williams) are missing! Also two very important players in midfield who create most of the attacks in Boro's team are missing..
last match Boro 1-1 Huddersfield , but now Huddersfield is on home ground and Boro have big missings, so value odds in my eyes.

England Premier League
Arsenal - Swansea
Arsenal without Abou Diaby(mf 0/0), Walcott(att 13/5) , Wilshere(mf 23/3) , Ozil(mf 22/4) , Ramsey(mf 18/8) , Miyaichi(mf 1/0) and Koscielny(df 27/1). Chamberlain(mf 10/2) , Rosicky(mf 20/2) , Bendtner(att 9/2) and Kallstrom(mf 0/0) are doubtfull
Swansea dont have important missings.

Newcastle - Everton
Newcastle without Debuchy(df 25/1) and Remi(att 23/13 top scorer)
Everton without Gibson(mf 1/0),Kone(att 5/0),Oviedo(df 9/2),Traore(att 0/0) and Pienaar(mf 22/1).

Germany 3 Liga
Erfurt - Unterchahing
Erfurt without Mockel(df 5/0),Kleineheismann(df 29/0) and Tunjic(att 24/3).
Unterchachin without Haas(mf 9/0)

Saarbrucken - Hansa
Saarbrucken without Fischer(df 24/2),Falkenberg(df 19/),Make(mf 9/1),Eggert(mf 13/0),Kreuls(mf 8/0) and Rathgeber(att 18/4).
Hansa without Grupe(df 27/3),Weidlich(mf 25/0) and Kucukovic(att 17/1)

Burghausen - Jahn Regensburg
Burghausen without Omodiagbe(df 4/0),Mokhtari(mf 9/2) and Hauk(att 23/2).
Jahn without Muller(mf 8/1),Kurz(mf 5/1) and Trettenbach(df 10/1)

Stuttgarter - Darmstadt
Stuttgarter without Krauss(first gk 21/0),Fennel(df 20/1),Savranioglu(mf 4/0),Engelbrecht(att 2/0) and Alvarez(Att 16/4)
Darmstadt is full.

Austra Bundesliga
Innsbruck - Admira

Innsbruck without Vuleta(att 11/1) and Hamzic(mf 5/0).
Admira without Drescher(df 3/0),Pranjic(mf 4/0) and Schwab(mf 23/4)


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