Friday, March 21, 2014


France Ligue 1
Lorient - PSG 
pick: psg -1ah
odds 1.85 (pinnacle)
stake 3/10

PSG best team in league , with win today they will only secure 1st place and make 11pts difference infront of Monaco.
Lorient in middle of table, today without  Quercia(att 0/0), Barthelme(mf 13/1), Guerreiro(df 26/0), Sunu(att 13/0), Gassama(df 16/0), Coutadeur(mf 10/1) and Diallo(mf 23/3). good news is that top scorer Aboubakar(12g) recovered from injury but there is big possibility for him to start match from the bench.

France Ligue 2
Clermont - Nancy
Clermont without Lippini(df 17/0),Betsch(mf 21/0) and Bettiol(att 20/4).
Nancy without Gregorini(gk 5/0),Coulibaly(mf 12/1) and Louis(mf 22/9)

Caen - Chatearoux

Caen without Felipe(df 15/0),Seube(df 18/0),Agouazi(mf 20/1) and Autret(Att 22/4).
Chatearoux without Bain(df 20/1),Sambou(df 12/1),Dubouit(mf 6/0),de Freitas(mf 19/1),Makengo(att 17/2),Polomat(Att 1/0) and Kinkela(Att 19/3)

Le Havre - Laval
Le Havre without Fontaine(mf 12/0),Saiss(mf 22/1),Sao(att 12/1) and Riveire(att 13/3).
Laval without Vanhamel(first gk 22/0),Couturier(df 23/0) and Renouard(mf 15/2)

Creteil - Auxerre
Creteil without de Monaghan(df 26/1),Essombe(att 26/4) and Ludowic(att 14/2).
Auxerre without Sorin(first gk 15/0),Ebanega(Df 0/0),Haddad(mf),Gavory(mf 7/0),Kane(mf 20/1),Boly(df 26/0),Marester(df 21/1) and Idir(mf 25/1)

Troyes - Dijon
Troyes without Saunier(df 13/2),Rincon(df 20/0),Diyae(df 15/0),Xavier(mf 9/0),Jean(att 17/2) and long term injured Liegois, Grax, Drouin, Camara, Psaume.
Dijon without Lecomte(first gk 22/0),Remy(df 13/1),Mollet(mf 17/0),Tavares(att 18/5) and Kone(att 16/4)

England League Two
Oxford - Hartlepool

Oxford without Brown(gk 0/0),Raynes(df 21/0,Newey(df 34/1) and Kitson(att 26/3).
Hartlepool without Baldwin(df 28/2),Austin(df 29/0),Duckworth(mf 22/0) and Monkhouse(mf 33/4)

Bristol Rovers - Southend
Bristol without Packwood(mf 8/0),Gow(mf 4/0),Broghammer(mf 0/0),Brunt(Att 11/0) and Kenneth(df). Southend without Bolger(df 1/0),Neil(df 1/0),Bennett(df) and Corr(at 37/7)

Hngary NB I
Lombard Papa - Haladas

Papa without Tajthy(mf 11/0) and Orosz(att 18/3) + long term injured Maric and Dlusztus.
Haladas without Murisits(gk 0/0),Devecseri(df 16/0),Guzmics(df 18/0) and Dvorschak(df 1/0)

Poland Ekstraklasa
Widzew Lodz - Zagleibe Lubin

Lodz without Mielcarz(first gk 20/0),Lafrance(df 13/2) and Melunovic(att 11/1).
Lubin without Godal(df 1/0) and GUldan(df 26/1)

Wisla Krakow - Zawisza
WIsla without Glowacki(df 24/3),JOvanovic(df 17/0) and Bogunski(att 20/1). ChrapeK(mf 24/3) and Gargula(mf 26/8) are doubtfull.
Zawisza without Goulou(mf 15/2),Abott(att 4/0) and Vasconcelos(att 19/7 ,2nd scorer)

Argentina Primera
Olimpo - Atletico Rafaela

Olimpo without Ferreyra(mf 11/0) and Blanco(mf 16/0).
Rafaela without Basia(mf 2/0),Niz(df 13/0),Depetris(att 23/4) and Vera(att 23/12 top scorer)

Germany 3 Liga
Dortmund II - Stuttgarter

Dortmund II without Bandowski(df 17/1),Amini(mf 15/1),Treudo(mf 27/2) and Ducksh(att 19/12 top scorer).
Stuttgarter without Krauss(first gk 21/0),Engelbrecht(Att 2/0 and Alvarez(att 16/4)

Stuttgart II - Wehen
Stuttgart II without Khedira(mf 10/1),Geyer(df 28/0),Degenek(df 8/0) and Sirgeades(mf 3/0).
Wehen without Doringer(df),Gsche(df) and Perger(df 13/0)

Holland Eerste Divisie
VVV Venlo - Oss

Venlo with many injuries and suspensions , 8 players are missing + 4 are doubtfull , most of them important!
VV Venlo without Promes(df 13/0),Heesen(df 2/0),Altheer(mf 22/0),Kruijsen(mf 29/0),Otsu(att 20/4),Cooper(att 13/1),Wolters(mf 28/6) and Rajcomar(att 27/3). Sevinic(mf 11/1),de Kogel(att 24/10 top scorer),Fleuren(df 28/0) and Joppen(df 30/0) are doubtfull
Oss withot Arends(gk 21/0),Jansen(df 18/0),Sande(mf 23/1),Meiracker(Att 4/2) and Philips(att 20/10 top scorer)

Helmond - Telstar
Helmon without Justiana(df 26/0),Brock(df 0/0),Kerkhof(df 1/0) and Velasco.
Telstar without Keurntjes(mf 18/1)


  1. March 21, 2014
    Futbol.Chempionat Latvia.
    Metallurgs - Metta / LU Riga
    Metta / LU Riga ( 1 ) 1.98 ( betsiti )

    Wikipedia :
    2014 [edit source code ]

    Lost financial support plant Liepājas Metalurgs, January 13 football club ceased to exist. Children and youth football program took over the government of the city of Liepaja. At the beginning of the end of last season, the club was interested in financing a company from China, wishing to adopt fully and bring all their professionals and players. However, director of the club rejected the idea of ​​creating a "Chinese" team in Latvia.

  2. Gargula and Chrapek start match on the bench, but they are in squad Wisla

  3. Today's paid tips published for free :

  4. Replies
    1. In the Championship of Latvia Daugava Riga also is not the best form! Ventspils win on handicap-1.5 very looks good to me. As we have informed, the leader of the "Daugava" Andrey Kovalev is trying to gain a foothold in the Polish Ekstraklasa League "team Jagiellonia Białystok, Edgar Yermolayev is located at Camp Skonto, and Armand Petersons-" Jelgava ". Yuri Sokolov, and Yevgeny Simonov and ex-Metallurg Valenij Afanasiev train together with DFC "Daugavpils", Dmitry Halvitov's back in Jurmala. In FC Jurmala "be a goalkeeper Igor Labut, who began last season in" Daugava "as the second goalkeeper, but then was leased" Ilukste ". Also with "Jurmala" home of last year's pillar of Defense "Daugava", Defender Daniel Ola.