Sunday, March 16, 2014


Italy Serie A
Sassuolo - Catania , catania +0,25ah @1.83 pinnaclestake: 4/10
two teams who are on last two places. both want win today but Catania is better team,quality is on their side.
Sassuolo have problems with absences (again), out are: Pucino(df 3/0), key midifler Marrone(mf 15/0), Berardi(att 21/12 top scorer),Rosi(df 4/0),Ziegler(df 13/0),Manfredini(df 3/0),Acerbi(df 13/0),Terranova(df 3/0). doubtfull are captain Magnanelli(mf 19/0),Antei(df 16/0) and Brighi(mf 4/0).
big problems on CD position , if Antei isnt ready some youngsters will have to play on his place.
value odds in my eyes.

Napredok - Euromilk 2 @1.95 (bwin ; paf ; expekt)
stake; 4/10
odds for away win are settled pretty good, i was expecting mistake but they are ok.
for me fair odds for away win should be 1.85 and this 2.02 are good odds.

I told u before start of this season that Napredok will relegate and now everything is clear , they are 2nd from bottom and they dont have chances to avoid relegation (mathematicaly yes , but not possible with this squad!). I told you that Napredok is from Kicevo and Kicevo is multi ethnical town , 60% macedonian - 40% albanian , now Major is albanian and he support other team not Napredok so Napredok will definitely relegate because they dont have support from major.... In transfer window all key players left club
Veljanovski(mf 12/1) , Kleckarovski(att 9/0) , Korunovski(second gk 0/0) , Ristovski(first gk 14/0) ,Cvetanovski(mf 18/3) , key midifler Markoski(mf 18/2) , Kolevski(df 8/0) , Mirceski(df 13/0) , Petreski(mf 11/0) , Raicevic(mf 18/0) and Krkeljic(att 18/4 ,2nd scorer) left club.
In club stayed only 2-3 good players , Kustrim Balazhi(great CD),Vladimir Mojsovski(good,experienced striker) and Stepanovski(good defender,can play left back and cd).
In last match vs Makedonija GP they were destroyed,i watch the match live and i can say that this Napredok's team is weak even for 2nd league...
big blow for team is that Kustrim Balazhi(df 17/2) and Mende Stepanovski(df 8/0) are unavailable, Filip Najdovski(df 3/0) is doubtfull.
Euromilk impressed me a lot. They make great signings this winter and it was expected to make good results but i didnt expect to win Shkendija's dream team ... Euromilk is much better team than Napredok and with new signings they look great.
quality and motivation is on their side.

Gostivar - Turnovo , turnovo -0,75ah @1.70 (sbobet)
stake; 5/10

Gostivar dont have money. Gostivar boss waited for some sponsor from Switzerland but nothing from that and they didnt make transfers.. some good players left club and now in club stayed only local players with some others who will stay till end of season because they dont have where to go.
Marijan(mf 10/0),Seferi(mf 18/1),Tairi(mf 18/1), Hodzic(df 16/2),Zerdeski(first gk 11/0),Celik(mf 8/0),Talevski(mf 2/0) and Jusufi(att 7/0) left club.
plus some players are missing , Demiri(att 21/5 top scorer) and Tashkov(mf 2/0) are injured.
Turnovo in winter transfer period sold best player Blazhevski(league top scorer). For his replacement they bring one great offensive player Kakalov(which i like a lot,good technique). Curlinov and Cvetanovski are also good signings. No important missings.
now about the background of this match.
Gostivar's coach is Mite Mitev. Turnovo's assistant coach is Aleksandar Vlaho(mitev's son!) , Vlaho is in Turnovo because he is "coach" with pro licences (in macedonia those coaches who are good dont have licences so clubs must have someone like Vlaho who have licences to be "head coach" but he isnt making any decision about the team tactic etc.)
now i think that Mitev will let the win to his son Vlaho because Gostivar is already relegated while Turnovo is fighting for top places.
anyway quality is on away side so this should be easy away win.

Siroki Brijeg - Vitez 1 @1.36 good for some combo.
brother clubs, in 1st match Siroki let Vitez to win, now Vitez is in middle of table Siroki need points for top places. I think that Vitez will let 3 points to Siroki today.
siroki is better team anyway.

Dinamo Zagreb - Istra 1 @1.2 (bet365)
good for some combo bet.
Dinamo with win will be more safe on 1st position.
Istra miss lot of players, 2 top scorers and 2 important defenders are missing , new signing Filipovic is also missing. best striker Krizanec left club..


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