Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Mariehamn - HJK , HJK -1,75ah @1.89 (dafabet) FT 0-4  plus
before few days HJK 6-0 Mariehamn
Mariehamn today without Lundberg(df 8/0 ls), Wirtanen(df 12/1 ls), Ostlind(mf 12/1 ls), Lyyski(df 27/1 ls), Nurme(first gk 27/0 ls), Lagerblom, Kukka(new player from MyPa . df 18/1)
..also i must tell that Mariehamn is much weaker than last season because some key players left team. best midifler Forssel(mf 18/9 ,2nd scorer),Gadzo(mf 16/4),best striker Kangaskolkka(att 29/16 top scorer),Sagne(att 25/5 ,3rd scorer),Trafford(df 30/0) and best defender Kojola(df 32/1) left team!

HJK is best team in Finland,they won league 4 times in a row. For this season they bring two (ex) star and very popular players in their team, Teemu Tainio(ex Tottenham player) and Mikael Forssel(experienced but quality striker)

ls = last season.

Cyrpus CUP
Anorthosis - Omonia

first match omonia 4-0 anorthosis
Anorthosis's coach and players know that they dont have chances to make something after result in first match so coach decide to keep best players for league derby match in saturday. Rested will be: Itzhaki(att 16/10 ,3rd scorer),best defender Ilic(df 16/1),Rezek(att 21/12 ,2d scorer),brazilian main player Spadacio(mf 22/14 top scorer) and Laborde(att 18/5 ,5th scorer)
but if i understand good in this link Omonia will also rest some players.

Copa Postobon Colombia
Medellin - Envigado over 2,25 goals @1.92 (sbobet)   FT 2-1 plus
both teams from Primera A.
both teams with mixed line ups and both teams with very unexperienced and weak defencive players.

Medellin line up: Carlos Bejarano(second gk 0/0); Andrés Mosquera(df 0/0), Rafael Pérez(df 0/0), Hernán Pertuz(df 0/0), Dairon Mosquera(df 1/0); Julián Guillermo(mf 2/0), Cristian Restrepo(mf 4/0), John Edison Hernández(mf 4/0), Ayron del Valle(att 3/0); William Zapata(att 3/0) y Efraín Viáfara(att 4/0).
like u can see in defence 4 unexperienced players + second gk.

Envigado line up:
 Jefferson Martínez(third gk 0/0); Yeltsin Caro(Df 0/0), Juan Camilo Saiz(df 0/0), Sergio Mosquera(df 3/0 ,19 years), Jorge Hernández(df 0/0); Daniel Restrepo(mf 2/0 ,19years), Yony González, Alexis Zapata(mf 0/0 ,17years), Ricardo Araujo; Fabio Burbano(att 5/2) y Milton Rodríguez(Att 3/0)

before 3 days this two teams met in league
Medellin 0-1 Envigado

now situation is different,both teams will use weak defencive line ups and reserve goalkeepers,while attack is good in both teams so we should expect goals here.

Deportivo Pasto - America de Cali
huge quality diference on home side!
Deportivo Pasto is quality team from Primera A,currently on 4th place in league with 10 points (just 1 point less than 1st placed team)..
Pasto line up: Oscar Ramos(second gk 0/0); Fausto Obeso(df 1/0), Omar Mancilla(df 0/0), Nicolás Palacios(df 3/0), Luis Lora(df 0/0); Éder Rúales(mf 3/0), Fabri Castro(mf 0/0); Humberto Marquinez(mf 1/0), Frank Pacheco(mf 2/0), Nelson Coral(att 0/0) y Juan Guillermo Vélez(att 3/0)
America de Cali is team with high ambitions in Primera B !! so one league difference between this two teams..
also America de Cali play one match just before 1 day vs Barranquila,in that match they use strong line up,their priority is league and they want promotion. Coach decide to rest key players,for this match they will use alternate line up
America de Cali:
 Joan Suarez(third gk 0/0 ,19years) ; Yeison Solís, Jean Pierre Rodríguez(df 0/0 ,19years), Luis Felipe Cardoza(df 3/0) y Julio César Ortiz(df 1/0) ; Juan Camilo Hernández(mf 2/0 ,19years), George Saunders(mf 0/0), Arnold Palacios(mf 2/0 ,20 years) y Michael López(mf 0/0) ; Diego Vergara(mf 3/0 ,20 years) y Jarlin Quintero(att 1/0 ,19 years)
6 players are u20 years old.

Pasto with mixed line up,America de Cali with alternative line up...
imo most of Pasto's reserves will be first team players in Cali so home win is good bet. FT 1-0 plus

Atletico Huila - Tolima

Huila with very weak and young line up:
 Carlos Abella(gk 0/0); Elacio Córdoba(df 1/0), Camilo Mancilla, Anuar Hurtado(df 0/0), Joe Luis Ragua(df 1/0); Duberley Cayapú(mf 0/0), Jean Carlos Becerra(mf 2/0), Nicolás Torres(mf 4/0), Stiven Prettel(mf 0/0); Didier Viveros9att 1/0) y Cristian Cangá(att 1/0).
Tolima with mixed line up:  Antony Silva; Henry Obando, Jhon Valencia, Frank Lozano, Danovis Banguero; Wílmar Barrios, Mike Campaz; Henry Rojas, Hilton Murillo, Óscar Rodas; Imanol Iriberri.

Cucuta - Bucaramanga

quality on home side .Cucuta is team from Primera A,while Bucaramnga is team from Primera B.
Bucaramnga's coach decide to make some rotations in team for this match.
Bucaramanga: Rogeiro Caicedo; Sergio Manosalva(df 1/0), Yesid Martínez(df 5/1), Eimer Arévalo(df 0/0), Yeison Yepes; Cristian Correa, Elkin Barrera(mf 4/0), Oscar Castillo(mf 1/0); Jorge Guerra, Osvaldo Mendoza(att 5/0) y Jeysen Núñez(att 2/0)

Itagui - Rionegro

Itagui squad: 
Julián Mesa(gk 3/0); Gerardo Vallejo, Jhonny Mesa, Ervin Maturana, Elvis Mosquera; James Castro, Geiler Mosquera, Yesid Mena, Mauricio Gómez, Andrés Ricaurte y Mario Giménez, Arled Cadavid, Mauricio Restrepo, Víctor Asprilla, Yonaider Ortega y Juan David Rico.
Rionegro line up: Didier Muñoz(gk 0/0), Juan David Atehortúa(df 0/0), José David Moya(df 0/0), David Uribe(df 0/0), Carlos Gallego(df 0/0), Carlos Naranjo(mf 5/1), Yorman Rueda(mf 4/0), Sebastián Botero(mf 4/0), Jonathan Cueto(mf 5/1), Daniel Cataño(mf 3/0) y Carlos Peralta(att 3/0)
on bench: Jefferson Torres, Sebastián Arias, Alex Escobar, Johan Muñoz y Daniel Hoyos

Wolfsberger - Salzburg

quality on away side
Wolsfberget without Jovanovic(df 15/0),Solano(df 11/2),Paula(mf 21/0) and best striker Falk(att 18/10 top scorer)
Salzburg without Lazaro(mf 5/0) and Berisha(mf 18/5).

Pelister - Vardar

biggest derby in macedonian football.
Pelister last season promote from 2nd division like 1st placed,this season their main target is to avoid relegation,next season with more serious ambitions.
it is good known that Vardar will be champion this season,they have great team,make great results but i dont understand one thing,why they change the coach ??? there wasnt any reason to do that but board decide to bring Dzidzi for new coach and what did he do,in 7 frendly matches 4d-3l ... fans are dissapointed and want new coach,if Dzidzi and Vardar dont win this match than the Komiti (vardar's fan) will make chaos!!
quality on away side,but stadium will be full,big derby,there will be lot of tackles,yellow cards etc.
no bet.

Bregalnica Stip - Napredok

true Napredok is 4th on table with just 1 point less than European places (2nd and 3rd places),but team dont have ambitions for that,they dont have money for Europe so probably they will start to sell matches to get some money and than next season they will fight for top 3 places. main player Marko Simonovski left team. i want to tell you that Napredok is totally different team on away ground!
Bregalnica Stip is solid team with quality players and stable financial situation. The city gave them 300 000 euros (that's a lot of macedonian football),also Bregalnica get licences for Europe so now they must start with winning to get some of top 3 places for Europe.
match will be played in Kochani(near to Stip),because stadiums in Stip are flooded