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17/03 sundaybet

Italy Serie A
Millan - Palermo
Milan without De Jong(mf 12/1),Constant(mf 19/0),Vila(df 0/0) and Pazzini(att 22/13 ,2nd scorer)
Palermo without Mantovano(df 5/0),Barreto(mf 23/0),Dossena(mf 8/0),Miccoli(att 21/5) and Hernandez(att 7/0)

Fiorentina - Genoa

Fiorentina withoutHegazy(df 1/0),Camporese(df 0/0),Compper(df 1/0),Rossi(att 0/0) and El Hamdaoui(att 15/3)
Genoa without Frey(first gk 28/0),Matuzalem(mf 7/0),Olivera(mf 5/0),Nadarevic(mf 3/0),Floro Flores(att 4/0) and Boriello(att 22/8)

Sampdoria - Inter

Sampdoria have full squad
Inter without Castellazi(gk 2/0),Juan(df 23/0),Nagatomo(df 22/0),Silvestre(df 6/0),Obi(mf 2/0),Mudingayu(mf 9/0),Stankovic(mf 3/0) and Millito(att 20/9)

Torino - Lazio
DNB1 , torino +0ah

odds for home win are dropping.
Lazio have huge problems in team!!
Brocchi(mf 8/0),Konko(df 21/1),key defender Dias(df 21/0) and attacking duo Floccari(att 16/4 ,3rd scorer) and Klose(att 20/10 top scorer) are injured. best midifler Hernanes(mf 26/8 ,2nd scorer) is suspended.
so Lazio without 6 regular first team players (3 are top scorers!)

Portugal Primera
Guimares - Benfica

benfica is in must win situation if they want to stay on first place
Guimares without Jesus(first gk 22/0),Goncalves(df 3/0),Amorim(df 0/0) and Addy(df 16/1)

Maritimo - Porto

porto have 2 points less than 1st placed benfica,so today they must win if they want to stay in title fight.
Maritimo without Luiz(mf 10/0) and Adilson(att 10/2)

double: Benfica 2 (1.36) + Porto 2 (1.43) = 1.94 in pinnacle

Levski - Montana
levski without two best players Cristovao(mf 16/2 main mididlfer) and Basile de Carvalho(att 17/15 top scorer) but still quality is on their side.

CSKA - Krasnodar

CSKA without Doumbia(att 3/1),Honda(mf 19/7),Gonzales(Mf 9/0),Necid(mf 0/0) and Neuftelin(mf 9/0).
Krasnodar without Sintsiyan(first gk 15/0),Isale(mf 0/0),Drinci(mf 17/1).

Anzhi - Kryla

Anzhi without Wilian(mf 0/0) and Boussoufa(mf 19/3)
Kryla without Tsallagov(df 13/0),Maksimov(mf 0/0) and Lakhiyalov(att 0/0)

Zenit - Mordovia

Zenit without Malafeev(first gk 18/0),Danny(mf 5/0),Bruno Alves(Df 13/0),Crisito(df 12/2),Zryanov(mf 18/4)
Mordovia without Ivanov(mf 12/0),Rogov(Mf 14/1) and Markin(at 3/1)

Spain Segunda Division
Cordoba - Almeria

Cordoba without Gaspar(df 11/0)
Almeria without Lozano(mf 17/1) and Zongo(Att 22/1)

Racing Santander - Xerez

Racing without Pinto(df 7/1),Gonzales(df 3/0) and Goikoetxa(df 14/1)
Xerez in very bad form, today without Ruz(df 7/0),Bouzon(df 22/0),Mari(att 11/2),Rey(att 17/3) and Velez(att 7/1)

Hercules - Sabadell

Hercules without Carlos(gk 4/0),Pamarot(df 8/1),Mora(df 16/0),Lopez(mf 5/0),Redondo(df 10/0),Castilla(df 0/0),Gilvan(att 14/2) and Javito(mf 8/2)
Sabadell without Perez(first gk 29/0 suspended),Olmo(df 0/0),Espandin(df 16/1),Fito(mf 14/0),Tono(df 1/0),Arteaga(mf 8/0) and Baha(att 5/0)

Numancia - Elche

Numancia without Satrustegui(df 14/0) and Alvarez(mf 14/1)
Elche without Etxeita(df 29/4),Pelegrin(df 27/0),Generalo(mf 23/0) and Beranger(df 7/0)

Mirandes - Alcoron

Mirandes without Garcia(df 6/1),Iribas(df 22/2),Mujika(att 21/1) and Infrante(att 14/2)
Alcoron without Camile(df 17/0),Abraham(mf 23/0),MOra(mf 19/1) and Moran(mf 15/0)

Austria Regionalliga Central
Allerheiligen - Kalsdorf

Allerheiligen is solid team,good for this club is that main players stay in club!! today Allerheiligen have full squad available!
Kalsdorf is 3rd placed with 26pts they dont have ambitions for promotion this season,main fight about promotion will be between LASK Linz (2nd place ,34pts) and Pasching(1st place,35pts)
Kalsdorf with little problems for this match,4 important players are unavailable. Martin Gründler(mf 12/3), Andreas Bernhart(mf 14/3), Wolfgang Taucher(df 14/0) and Michael Sauseng(df 14/2) are injured !
Licaj(mf 0/0),Komericky(mf 12/0),Reinneger(att 10/4,3rd scorer) and best player Trdina(att 14/12 top scorer) left team!
first match Kalsdorf 6-1 Allerheiligen
in that match scorers for Kalsdorf were: Trdina 2 goals,Bernhart 2 goals,Sauseng 1 goal and Grundler 1 goal - all of them are unavailable for this match!
DNB1 @2.3 (unibet)  
FT 4-2 

Austria Regionalliga East (Ost)
Wiener - Schwechat 

quality on home side,Wiener make some very good transfers!
Schwechat without Kafka(mf 16/2) and Mario Schony(df 15/0) -both suspended, Ambrosch(df 14/0) and Szuper are questionable

Simmeringer - Austria Wien (Am)

Simmeringer have full squad available
Austrai Wien (Am) miss David Oberortner(mf 14/3). Austria Wien(Am) is best team in league,team is based on young players but those young players are very talented!

Admira (Am) - Ostabahn

Admira(Am) without Daniel Maurer(df 12/0), Dominik Burisic(att 2/1), Danijel Klaric(att 1/0) and Marcus Maier. Thomas Gössweiner(att 4/0) is questionable
Ostabahn have full squad.

Belaraus Cup
SKVICH Minsk - Brest
quality is of course on away side.
Skvich Minsk is team from Division1 (2nd best league in Belaraus),they are in huge financial problems,last season they didint promote and all best players left club,this season they dont have ambitions and money for that.
almost all first team players left team: 
Markhel(att 26/28 top scorer),Zamara(mf 24/4),Gaev(df 17/0),Mikhnovets(mf 10/1),Shibeiko(df 21/0),Branovitskiy(df 13/0),Sulim(mf 22/0),Shumanov(mf 26/0) and Ivanov(mf 12/5,2nd scorer).

Brest is team from Belaraus Premier League (best league in Belaraus) ... last season their target was to stay in league and they were succesfull in that... few key players left team.

later more usefull infos and one very good 3for3 analyse!!

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