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Olimpia Balti - CSCA Rapid 2 @3.8   FT 1-3  plus

Olimpia Balti is on big financial problems, i don't know if federation of football will give them authorization to play in the second half of the season. Coach leaved the team 2 weeks ago, also at least 7 first team players - best players left the team. Really, really bad situation for Olimpia.

But Olimpia has second team Olimpia-2 and they have some nice youngsters and if Olimpia will be allowed to play it will be with second team youngsters. It's first match after pause so i recomend low stakes.

thanks to Dumitru

Olimpia have huge finacnial problems,coach and all players left team! If federation allow them to play 2nd half of season Olimpia probably will play with juniors!

value odds!

Svenska Cup
Djurgarden - Umea , djurgarden -1eh @1.65 (tipico)  FT 3-0 
Djurgarden is favourite in this match,quality and experience on their side. Djurgarden is team from Allsvenskan (best swedish league).
Umea is team from Division 1 (last season they relegate from Superettan),few key players left team because they dont want to play in lower division.
two best players Eek(df 26/2) and Chennoufi(mf 28/8 top scorer) left team!
also for this match unavailable are few other key players like:  best midifler Larsson(mf 27/6,2nd scorer),attacking duo Martensson(att 25/4) and Persson(att 28/8 top scorer),important midifler Lundstrom(df 19/1) and new player A.Larsson.
expect easy home win,quality and everything is on home side!

Metalurg - Teteks x2 @3.9 (marathonbet)  FT 0-0  plus
also worth a try 2 @11.00 (sportingbet)
huuuge value bet!!
yes table can confuse you a lot,Metalurg is 3rd,while Teteks is last on table with just 12 points.

but now situation is different.
Teteks isnt anymore same team from first half season,now team have very strong team (for our league),they bring lot of players because they want to stay in league! Teteks is famous team in Macedonia and they are team with tradition,i dont belive that they will relegate this season.
i talk with many friends who follow MFL and all of them agree with me that Teteks now have team with ambitions for europe (but this season that is impossible)...
like i said Teteks bring many quality players,now their target is clear: to stay in league and won the cup!

players who came in Teteks: 
Filip Petkovski(att 12/3 from Turnovo),Ganc Iseni(att 16/8 ,3rd league top scorer from Rabotnicki),Darko Micevski(mf 3/0 from Rabotnicki),Ristov(experienced defender,ex Vardar player),Aleksandar Krstevski and Vancho Manchevski.
also some players left team, but only Mitrevski(df 16/2) and Grbashliev(df 11/0) are important

i watch few of Teteks's friendly matches and they were very good. In last their preparation match they won champion Vardar (strongest team in MFL). Vardar 1-2 Teteks (in one moment Teteks was leading 0-2 ).

yes if we watch in stats odds are "good" because Teteks on away ground have 0w-1d-7l ..but situation is different!!

Metalurg is 2nd best team in Macedonia (after Vardar of course),they didnt make some extra transfers.. almost same team from first half season.
Metalurg is on home ground but that wont effect a lot,no real fans,pitch is in bad conditions because of heavy rains in last few days..

first match this season
Teteks 0-1 Metalurg (teteks was weakest team in league in that time and still they lost just with 1 point different)

fair odds from me
metalurg - 1.70
draw - 3.20
teteks - 4.00 (even 4.0 is too much)

this is big value bet for me,i was waiting this match long time and i was expecting wrong odds.

Granada - Mallorca dnb2 @2.75 (bwin) or mallorca +0ah @2.84 (pinnacle)  
FT 1-2 
Mallorca desperate need win if they want to escape from relegation zone. in last match when everyone bet on Mallorca they lost on funny way (Mallorca 1-3 Getafe ,ht 1-0;ft 1-3) ... now i think that Mallorca will win this match..
Granada is nothing special,one average team,no ambitions,no some extra players ... for this match unavailable are: Diakathe(df 10/0),Yedda(mf 2/0),Benitez(mf 9/1),Rico(mf 0/0) and suspended Nyom(df 24/0).
Mallorca also have some missings but not important,they are in bad form 8 matches without a win but i think it is time to stop that bad serie.
odds are good,must give a try.

Torino - Palermo DNB2 @2.75 (ladbrokes) or Palermo +0ah @2.79 (pinnacle)  
FT 0-0 void.

first of all Palermo is in very bad situation.. they are last on table with 20 points after 26 matches,situation in team isnt good ..
Palermo is long time without win (13 matches) but i think it is time to stop that bad serie and start with winning. True they are worst away team,still without win 0w-5d-8l but i strongly believe that on 03/03 they will have their first away win in  this season.

Torino is sure on table 12th on table with 31 points (-1 point) ,they are playing for nothing,they dont have ambitions for europe or something like that,also they are away from relegation zone so they can be relaxed.

dont know about relationships between this two teams but i think that Palermo wont relegate this season,they are big club in Italy + they are from Sicilia ,biggest mafia in the world is there,when Maurizio Zamparini came on president function in 2002 (in that time Palermo was in Serie B) they promote for just 2 seasons and after that they stay in Serie A ,10 years so i dont think that Palermo will relegate in Serie B. After draw with Genoa in last round Palermo have new/ex coach.

i think it is time after 13 rounds Palermo to get first victory with new coach.

Torino without Ogbonna(df 13/0),Caceres(df 1/0),Diop(att 3/0),Jonathas(att 3/0) and Bakic(mf 0/0) (all of them are new missings)
palermo without Mantovani(df 5/0 long term injured),Aronica(df 7/0),Brreto(mf 23/0) and Hernandez(att 7/0 long term injured).

Tigre - All Boys
because of CL matches Tigre's coach will make little changes in team!
Tigre: Albil(second gk 5/0) ; Donatti(df 14/3) ,Echeverría(df 19/1) ,Orban(df 18/1) ,Galmarini(mf 18/2) ,Escobar(mf 11/0) ,Peñalba(mf 4/1) , Rusculleda(mf 3/0) ,García(mf 20/2) , Santander(att 10/0) y Leguizamon(att 5/0)

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