Monday, March 25, 2013


Ural - R.Volgograd
under 2 goals @1.79
ft 1-1 void

main reason why i bet on this match are missings in both teams.
Ural without best striker Gogniev(att 19/13 top scorer),Lungu(att 10/1),Manucharyan(att 6/0),Berkhamov(mf 14/1),Skrylinkov(mf 2/1),Novikov(mf 10/0) and Chukhley(mf 12/0).
R,Volgograd without best striker Stavpets(att 19/7 top scorer),Ionov(df 12/0) and Pugin(mf 19/1).

like you can see both teams are without best strikers/top scorers ..

R.Volgograd play very good in defence,they are tipical defencive team. On away ground just 5 scored goals in 10 matches ...

in last 2 matches Ural won Salyut (0-1) and Astrakhan(1-0) .. today Ural probably will win but not with high goal difference.

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