Sunday, March 10, 2013

10/03 sunday

two strong insiders are ready just waiting for hendikep odds

Arsenal Kiev - Metalist Kharkiv

i wrote about Arsenal Kiev's financial problems.. all key players left club and now they have totally new team,many new unkown players came in team (of course they are much weaker than those players who played for Arsenal in first part of season)
Arsenal Kiev left: Pankiv(first gk 11/0),Borovyk(second gk 7/0),Matoukou(df 13/0),Polevyoy(df 16/0),Symonenko(mf 13/0),Kobakhidze(mf 16/2),Shakhov(mf 11/0),Starogordsky(mf 16/0),Kopvak(att 15/3 ,2nd scorer),Gitchenko(mf 9/0),Leandro(mf 17/0),Maksymov(mf 3/0),Mikoliunas(mf 15/2) and Shatskikh(att 18/5 top scorer)
9 first team players + first gk and second gk 
for this match Arsenal miss 3 new signed players (all of them are planned like first team players for this half of season), Obradovic(df 1/0),Romanchuk(df 1/0) and Sharpar(mf 1/0).

Metalist is 4th best team in Ukraine (after Shakhtar,Dnipro and Dynamo Kiev) ,currently Metalist is 3rd on table with just 2 point less than 2nd placed Dnipro,they have to win this match if they want to stay in fight for 2nd place (place in Champions League). They have very good team with some players from brazil and argentina like defender Villagra,Fininho,Torsiglieri, midiflersr Jose Sosa,Blanco,Marlos,Cleiton Xavier,Wilian and strikers Cristaldo and Wilian.

Harimau Muda II - Geylang X2 @1.83 (bet365)  
FT 1-4 
home team Harimau Muda II is team based on young players!
all of them domestic players from Malasia and all of them under 20 years old!
Geylang is weak team but they bring some good players
Takuma Ito (gk 24/0 from Albirex Niigata),Kawakami(df 24/3 from Albirex Niigata),Ihata(att 22/10 from Home),Sim(gk 15/0 from Balisier Khalsa),Elias(df 20/0 from Woodlands) and Singh(df 21/0 from Tanjong Pagar) came in Geylang. good news for Geylang is that Kaplan(df 24/16 top scorer) stay in team!
 yes they are weak team and in bad form but experience is on their side and i think they can do something in this match vs team full of juniors!

Macedonian League

Teteks - Bregalnica Stip
funny odds. bookies probably put this odds because in last round i publish info about Teteks but ....

i wrote in last round that Teteks make dream team and that they have maybe best team in league,they won champion Vardar 1-2 and play 0-0 with strong Metalurg, but this odds are joke.
like 1st.  Teteks play home matches without fans (they are banned!)
2nd. Teteks on this match will miss new striker Ganc Iseni(att 16/8 ,3rd league top scorer) and Jovanovski(mf 18/1 suspended)
Teteks attack will be much weaker without Iseni.

Bregalnica is solid team with few very quality players,also they have a lot of money. major of city Stip gave them 300 000 euros (too much money for our league) and they get licenses for Europe. For this match Bregalnica have full team available no injuries and suspensions.
i see big value in bwin for double chance X2 ,odds 2.06 ... but everything is possible. no serious bet for me!
FT 0-2 

Drita - Pelister
in this match everything is possible.

Drita sold many matches till now and they will sold many matches in future (like every team who came from 2nd division),if you dont belive in that just watch highlights from their last match vs Sileks (4-0) 
highlights from match --- 
goal for 1-0 .. what is goalkeeper doing ?? LOL
goal for 2-0 .. -1) Sileks's striker is too much fast OR -2) Drita's defensive player dont want to make a good tackle in that situation?? i think 2) is right answer
goal for 3-0 .. LOL LOL LOL what is doint Drita's LFB (left defencive back) ?? what a lazy running,after that huge mistake on Drita's central defender ??
goal for 4-0 .. lol! Sileks's players still didnt shoot,while Drita's goalkeeper already fall lol!

before start of season Drita dont have money to pay fee for playing in MFL but Napoli's player Dzemaili gave them money...
today Drita without Basnarkov(first gk 18/0),Osmani(df 14/0) and Ramadani(mf 16/1)

Pelister also promote from 2nd division but they are team with tradition and they have one of best loyal fans in macedonia. Pelister must stay in league it will be big shame for such a big club to relegate in 2nd division again. If Pelister "buy this match" (give them money) ,Drita will accept that but Pelister dont have money for that.
for this match Pelister is without Кире Степановски, attacking duo Благојче Главевски(att 17/6 top scorer) и Драган Димитровски(att 13/2)

Sisley - Fenix

always away team wins.. always same results.
worth a try:
2 @4.33
or correct score: 0:2 @23.00 (sportingbet);2
Head-to-head: Sisley - Fenix
Primera Division 2012/2013
Primera Division 2011/2012
Primera Division 2010/2011

Atl.Rafaela - Boca Juniors

Guillermo Sara; Walter Serrano, Fabricio Fontanini, Oscar Carniello y Eduardo Domínguez; Sebastián Carrera, Raúl Ferro, Germán Rodríguez Rojas y Juan Eluchans; Jonathan López y Federico González.
Boca with mixed team because of Copa Libertadores match
Boca :
 Oscar Ustari(second gk 8/0); Emiliano Albín, Matías Caruzzo, Lisandro Magallán y Nahuel Zárate; Lautaro Acosta, Pablo Ledesma, Leandro Somoza y Juan Sánchez Miño o Guillermo `Pol` Fernández; Nicolás Blandi o Sebastián Palacios y Santiago Silva,7fbb5e7272e4d310VgnCLD2000000dc6eb0aRCRD.html

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