Thursday, March 28, 2013

28/03 infos

Odense - Randers

Odense without Toppel(gk 12/0) and Jensen(mf 18/2)
Randers without Egholm(df 2/0),Schaaf(df 9/0),Keller(mf 21/1 suspended),Rise(att 8/2) and best player Schwartz(att 20/12 top scorer - suspended)

Italy Serie B
Ternana - Brescia

Ternana without Lauro(df 21/0),Ciofani(df 8/0),Piscane(df 7/0),Gotti(mf 1/0),Di Deo(mf 16/0) and Nole(att 19/4). Carcuro(mf 25/0) is doubtful
Brescia without Caroppo(gk 0/0),Rosso(df 2/0),Maio(df 31/2),Saba(mf 17/2) and Bouy(mf 17/1)

Bari - Livorno

both team miss top scorers
Bari without Sabelli(df 24/0),Iunco(att 24/1),Albadoro(att 9/0) and best striker Caputo(att 29/13 top scorer)
Livorno without Sigilardi(13 goals,2nd scorer)

Crotone - Spezia

Crotone without Concetti(Gk 9/0),Correia(df 9/0),Eramo(mf 31/6),Cristeig(mf 8/1) and Torromino(att 15/2)
Spezia without Garofalo(df 29/0),Benedetti(df 20/2) and Testini

Varese - Reggina 

Varesa probably dont want in higher league ... today without Bressan(first gk 28/0),Fiamozzi(df 14/0),Momente(att 11/1) and Antonio(att 8/0)
Reggina without Freddi(df 14/0),Lucioni(df 11/0),Hetemaj(mf 21/0),Fischnaller(att 22/1) and Viola(att 6/2)

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