Sunday, March 24, 2013


Tampines - Harimau Muda , Tampines -1,5ah @1.9 (bet365) ft 2-1 (lost in 93min :@)
i wrote before few weeks that away team (Harimau Muda) is team based on young players !!
All players are from domestic league and all of them are UNDER 20 YEARS!!

Tampines is one of best teams in league,last season champion. Till now 4w-0d-0l , 2nd on table (goal difference 11:1) ,i cant find absences in their squad but they have enough quality to beat Harimau Muda's juniors.
Harimau Muda lost 1-4 on home ground vs Geylang (one of weakest team in league) ,today i expect an easy home win.
value bet,GL

Spain Segunda
Real Madrid B - Cordoba

R.Madrid B without Jesus(first gk 17/0),Pacheco(third gk 0/0),Nacho(df 16/0),Lucas(mf 15/2),Suarez(df 0/0) and Tomas(att 7/0)
Cordoba without Gaspar(df 11/0),Dubarbier(att 28/2) and suspended Rennella(att 24/7 top scorer)

Almeria - Gijon

Almeria without Zongo(att 22/1) and SorianO(mf 22/9 ,2nd scorer)
Gijon without Sergio(df 1/0),Landeira(df 5/0),Barrera(mf 10/0),Carmelo(mf 6/0),Mandi(mf 19/1),Ricardo(mf 7/0),Mendy(att 9/0),Hernandez(df 21/1) and Lopez(df 13/0)

Sabadell - Las Palmas

Sabadell without Olmo , Espasandin(df 16/1),Tono(df 1/0),Fito(mf 14/0),Arteaga(mf 8/1) and Baha(att 5/0)
Las Palmas miss 4 defenders : Garca(21/1),Pigon(21/0),Corrales(11/0) and Juanpe(2/0)

Guadalajara - Hercules

Guadalajara without Gaffoor(df 17/2) and Garcia(mf 8/0)
Hercules without Carlos(gk 4/0),Castilla(df 0/0),MOra(df 16/0),Javito(mf 8/0),Gilvan(att 14/2) and Portillo(att 29/13 top scorer)

Italy Serie B
Novara - Ascoli

Ascoli have new coach,today without league top scorer Zaza(att 29/18)
Novara miss Bardi(first gk 27/0)

Empoli - Bari
Empli without Pratali(df 19/2),Hisaj(df 21/0),Rgini(df 32/1),Ferreira(df 4/0),Camillucci(mf 10/0) and Saponara(att 27/9 top scorer)
no important missings for Bari.

Vicenza - Varese

both teams miss first goalkeepers
Vicenza without Pinsoglio(first gk 20/0),Imparato(df 0/0),PIsano(df 15/0),Martinelli(df 22/1),Brighenti(df 26/1),Foro(mf 0/0) and Bojinov(att 9/3)
Varese without Bresan(first gk 28/0),Fiamozzi(df 14/0),Oduamadi(mf 8/1),Scapuzzi(att 7/0),Momente(att 11/1),Antonio(att 8/0)

Italy Lega Pro 2
Monza - Alessandria

Alessandria have problems with absences,unavialable are: Menassi(mf 13/0),Tangalia(mf 20/1),Caciagli(mf 17/0),Fanucchi(att 21/7 ,2nd scorer),Rossi(att 22/7 ,2nd scorer) and Mora(mf 23/3)

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