Friday, March 22, 2013

22/03 friday strong info

Finland Suomen Cup
Hamra - Jazz Pori 
Jazz -1ah @1.65 (10bet) ; 1.63 (188bet)  ft 0-7

both teams are playing in same league (Kakkonen West)
Jazz Pori is better team,last season they finish on 2nd position.
good news for them is that all key players from last season STAY in club..
 Junnila(mf 25/6),Makela(att 22/10),Konate(att 27/14) and Santahuhta(mf 27/9) are here + new signed players = team with high ambitions,this season they are main candidates for promotion.

Hamra is weak team,last season they finish on 7th place with just 26 points (Jazz have 57pts, [31 point more!!]).
huge quality diference on away side.
+ Hamra is in injury crisis.
even coach have played former game and maybe he will play again.For this match OUT ARE: Jukka-Pekka Tuomenoja, Juuso Nieminen, Tommi Ijäs, Adao Caquese, Jonas Ruohomäki ja Jussi Sorri.
expect easy away win.
also good option is Jazz -1EH @2.30 (paddypower)  FT 0-7 both picks won

Cesson - Billere , Cesson -7,5AH @1.85  FT 35-22
huge quality difference on home side!!
Billere is worst team in league,they lost all matches till now 0w-18l
in all of last 5 matches they lost with more than 8 goals difference so i expect same to happen today.
Billere:  last results

bigger problem for Billere are absences!!
for this match they have 8 players unavailable. Rumen Mlyakov(10m/0g) et Marcel Tchinda(11m/29g), Fabrice Chauvin(17m/19g), best player Benjamin Massot-Pellet(17m/64g ,top scorer) et Khaled Ghoumal(first gk 15/0) are injured, while Lilian Latapie(10m/14g), Eden Passe Coutrin(10m/2g) et Ryadh Souid(17m/39g ,3rd scorer) are punished by coach and wont play today!!,1123187.php

Germany W - Spain W
Spain W with totally new team,only 5 players have played for national team rest of them are new young players.
odds for Germany drops a lot i dont see value anymore

France CFA
Colomiers - Monaco II

Colomiers first on table but Monaco II today will have help from first team! few players from Monaco will play for Monaco II today.

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