Saturday, March 2, 2013

coming with reserves/mixed teams/youngsters ... problems with absences

for tomorrow i have one big value bet odds around 11.00 :) be here!

Dnipro - Arsenal ,Dnipro -1eh @1.6  FT 3-0  

Gorica - Celje dnb2 @2.20 (bet365;ladbrokes)  - VOID!
Gorica in deep financial problems ... players said that they wont play if they didint receive their wages till friday (yesterday),i dont have info did they receive wages but match will be played for sure! main sponsor HIT left Gorica's team,players are demotivated
quality is on away side.Celje is good team,they have stable financial situation,no injury problems.

Piast - Zagleibe
two teams with almost same quality.
Piast have some problems with absences for this match,out are: Cuedra(df 9/1),Oleksy(df 14/0),Izvolt(mf 13/1),Jurado(mf 4/0),Zganiacz(mf 14/2),Sikora9att 8/1),Siwerczok(att 1/0) and Kedziora(att 15/5 one of top scorers)

Gradacac - Borac Banja Luka
Borac have huge financial problems.. because of unpaid wages players decide to strike,they didnt train 6 days and now they arent 100% fit and ready for the match... Borac's director and sports director left team.
quality is on away side. no bet for me.

Porto B - Sporting B , porto +0ah @1.76 (betvictor)  FT 1-0 
plusquality is on Sporting B side,they have very quality team with few good players,currently they are 2nd on table but even if they finish 1st or 2nd they can promote because of the rules (they are Sporting Lisabon 2nd team...)
Porto B is playing good on home ground 7w-6d-2l,no important missigns for this match
first team Sporting Lisabon have some problems in team so many players from B team (sporting b) will be in Sporting first team! Dier(df 7/2),Zezinho(mf 18/0 key midifler),Ilori(df 20/0),Cedric(df 1/0),Etock(att 20/5),Atud(df 8/0),Boeck(gk 2/0),Bruma(att 25/6 ,2nd scorer,key striker) and best player Esagio(mf 20/14). Chaby(mf 5/0) is injured!

PSV - Venlo

both teams miss some important offensive players.
PSV without Matavz(att 19/10 ,3rd scorer),Lens(att 23/9 ,4th scorer),Narsingh(att 18/6 ,5th scorer) and Strootman(mf 24/5 ,6th scorer).
Venlo without best striker Nwofor(att 20/6 top scorer).

Blackburn - Peterborough

home team have a lot of absences for this match,out are Robinson(first gk 21/0),Olsson(df 28/0),Richards(mf 23/3),Wiliamsson(mf 1/0),Dunn(mf 7/0),Etuhu(mf 20/1) and King(att 8/2).

02/03 Cobresal - U.De Chile  1x @2.05 (bwin)

U.De Chile will use reserves in this match because they have important match in Copa Libertadores for 3 days!
U. De Chile: 
Paulo Garcés(gk 0/0); Paulo Magalhaes(df 4/0), Igor Lichnovsky(df 0/0), Valber Huerta(df 0/0), Eugenio Mena(df 1/0); Michael Contreras(mf 1/0), Sebastián Martínez(mf 3/0), Guillermo Marino(mf 4/0), Nicolás Maturana(mf 2/0); Sebastián Ubilla(att 5/1) y Gustavo Lorenzetti(mf 3/0).
many youngsters and unexperienced players in starting line up.

04/03 Boca Juniors - Union de Santa Fe , santa fe +1 @2.11 (pinnacle)
 FT 1-3  
Boca Juniors have hard match on 27/02 in Copa Libertadores on away ground (in Ecuador),for 3 days they have another important match in CL with Nacional,so coach decide to use mixed team in this match
Boca: Ustari(second gk 8/0); Caruzzo(df 10/1), Cellay(df 5/0), Magallán(df 0/0); Pol Fernández, Rivero(mf 5/0), Erviti(mf 20/2), Evangelista(df 2/0); Riquelme(mf 0/0); Blandi(att 10/2) y Silva(att 18/6).

02/03 Millonarios - Boyaca Chico x2  @2.00 (bet365)

before 3 days Millonarios play CL match,for 4 days they have another match in CL,so coach Torres for this match will use mixed team!
Robinson Zapata(second gk 0/0), Leonard Vásquez(df 0/0), Yoiber González(df 0/0), Román Torres(df 0/0), Luis Mosquera(mf 3/0), Anderson Zapata(mf 0/0), Juan Esteban Ortíz(mf 3/0), Dhawlim Leudo(mf 4/0), Harrison Otálvaro(mf 4/0), Jorge Perlaza(att 3/0) y Freddy Montero(att 3/2).

03/03 Universitario - San Jose
UPDATE: san jose will use strong line up!

San Jose have 3 long trips in small period,big posibility to play this match with alternate team
Wed27/02/13COLTijuana4 - 0San JoséView events
Sun03/03/13LFPUniversitario20 : 30San José
Wed06/03/13COLMillonarios01 : 30San José

reason is clear,they have important match in CL before 4 days ,also for 3 days they have another important match in CL,also players are without wages long time...

Svenska CUP

Sirius - GAIS
Sirius squad:
sirius with strongest possible squad,all key players are IN! Ogbu(mf 21/8),Bylund(first gk 28/0),Kack(df 26/4),Skoglund(mf 25/7),Sirelius(mf 19/5),Bjorkebaum(15 goals) all are in squad!!

GAIS relegate from Allsvenskan and all key players left team!!!
they bring 7-8 players but just 3 of them are good and quality!

this is GAIS squad
GAIS: Tommy Vaiho(gk 0/0), Mirza Mujcic(df 8/0), Andreas Augustsson, Björn Andersson, Jesper Floren, Kenneth Gustafsson(df 20/0), Adam Eriksson, Hampus Andersson, Malkolm Moenza(df 7/0)Linus Tornblad(att 26/2), Joel Johansson, Oliver Gustafsson, Aleksander Yildirim, Calum Angus(df 19/0), Enis Maljici, Adnan Maric, Richard Spong(att 7/0), Mohammed Absulrahman.
bold players are those who stay from last season ,other are youngsters or new weak players.
6 of 18 players are youngsters : Moenza(19 years old),Yildirim(19 years old),Mujcic(18 years old),Maric(16 years old),Tornbland(19 years old),Maljici(18 years old) ....

Malmo - Osters

Malmo squad:
Osters is new Allsvenskan team,last season they promote. Osters squad:

Southampton - QPR , qpr +0ah @3.6  FT 1-2 
simply qpr must win this match if they want to stay in league! Remy is back in team,odds are value must bet.

02/03 Vasco de Gama - Fluminense

i tought that Flu will play this match with reserves but now i check line ups ... both teams will play with strong teams

VASCO: Alessandro; Nei, Dedé, Renato Silva e Thiago Feltri; Abuda, Wendel, Pedro Ken e Carlos Alberto; Bernardo e Eder Luis.
FLUMINENSE: Diego Cavalieri, Bruno, Gum, Anderson e Carlinhos; Edinho, Jean, Deco e Thiago Neves; Wellington Nem e Fred.
Técnico: Abel Braga
no bet for me.


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