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Spain Segunda
Real Murcia - Lugo 1 @1.93 (188bet)
Lugo in problems for this match.
Pavon(df 25/0),Rey(mf 5/0),Font(mf 19/1),Guayre(mf 20/0),Perez(mf 8/0) and Quiroga(att 3/1) are injured. best player,main power O.Diaz(att 25/12 top scorer) is suspended for this match!! without O.Diaz Lugo is totally different team you will see that today ..
Murcia miss only Jorge(df 22/0). good news for Murcia: Dos santos(df 17/0) and Garcia(mf 23/6) are back in team
Murcia need win to escape from dangerous zone,they will play on home ground in front of their fans,Lugo is much weakned so i belive that Murcia will win this one.

Croatia 1 NHL
Zadar - Hajduk Split
, zadar +0ah @2.2 (bet365)
Zadar is fighting to avoid relegation,they desperate need win in this match ... they will be highly motivated to win today.
Hajduk Split isnt strong anymore like last season.. before start of season they have financial problems and many important players left team now Hajduk Split have young and talented team.
for this match Hajduk Split have huuuuge problems with absences..
Maglica(att 12/4), Oremuš(mf 19/0), Tomaš(mf 4/0), Milović(df 18/0), Jonjić(df 7/1), Maloča(df 18/0), Ozobić(mf 6/0), Andrijašević(mf 21/5) and Blažević(first gk 23/0) are all unavailable!
i think Zadar can do something in this match!

Kerkyra - Olympiakos
5 rounds till the end of season Olympiakos won the title and now they can be relaxed.
Kerkyra is last on table with 20pts ,they have chances to avoid relegation but they need to win this match and i think they will.

if match is "clear" than Olympiakos should won this easily but i dont believe that match will be clear. this two clubs are in good relationships and i think that Olympiakos now will help to their "friends" (Kerkyra).

last season situation was the same 4 rounds till the end of season Kerkyra desperate need points and win to stay in league and look what happened
Olympaikos 0-1 Kerkyra (goal in 80minute) odds for away win around 18.00
situation on table before that match
at the end Olympiakos won title and Kerkyra stay in league ...

good relationships + home field + home fans + away team isnt motivated ...

only problems are missings in home team
Kerkyra without Monteiro(first gk 25/0 suspended),Gesios(att 8/3 suspended) and Iliadis(mf 21/0 suspended) + injured Gianstis(att 16/1) and Boukouvalas(df 20/0)
Olympiakos without main midifler Ibagaza(mf 20/0).

odds are very good i must try this bet.
my picks for this match:
1x @3.25 (bet365)
kerkyra +0ah @7.89 (10bet) ; 7.20 (bet365)

Basket Spain
Juventud - Caja Laboral ,
Caja Laboral -6ah @1.90 (sportingbet)
quality on Caja Laboral's side. Caja Laboral is currently 2nd on table ,before 2 rounds they beat strong Barcelona!! Players's selfconfidence is high and they are highly motivated,they want to keep that 2nd place. for this match they dont have injuries.
Junventud is one average team in financial problems!! Wages are late and players are demotivated.. because of that reason Gaffney(PF 11,5ppg) refuse to play and left club!!
for this match Juventud without 3 very important players Gaffney(PF 11,5ppg), Fisher(C 13,7ppg) and Kuzmic(C 7,2ppg) .. Gaffney and Fisher are main players in Juventud without them Juventud is much weaker!!!

expect easy away win!

Germany Bundesliga
Moenchengladbach - Hannover 2 @4.00 (tipico) ; 3.96 (5dimes)

i strongly belive that this two teams are cooperating!

is excellent.
Head-to-head: B. Moenchengladbach - Hannover
Bundesliga 2012/2013
HannoverB. Moenchengladbach2:31.753.634.5828.10.2012
Bundesliga 2011/2012
HannoverB. Moenchengladbach2:12.673.302.5901.04.2012
B. MoenchengladbachHannover2:11.933.463.8729.10.2011
Bundesliga 2010/2011
HannoverB. Moenchengladbach0:11.713.734.6330.04.2011
B. MoenchengladbachHannover1:22.173.463.1604.12.2010
Bundesliga 2009/2010
HannoverB. Moenchengladbach6:11.823.604.0801.05.2010
B. MoenchengladbachHannover5:32.073.303.4912.12.2009
Bundesliga 2008/2009
B. MoenchengladbachHannover3:
HannoverB. Moenchengladbach5:11.883.363.9514.09.2008

Moenchengladbach president is Rolf Konigs ,he is long time in club.
Hannover president is Martin Kind ,he is also long time in club.
so there wasnt changing,good for pick.


this two teams helps each other sometimes when some team need points
in 2008/09 Moenchengladbach 3-2 Hannover
table before that match Moenchengladbach last on table and desperate need win,Hannover helps them!

in 2009/10 Hannover 6-1 Moenchengladbach
table before that match  2 rounds till end of season Hannover desperate need win to escape from relegation zone,of course Moenchengladbach helps them!

in 2010/11 Hannover 0-1 Moenchengladbach
table before that match 3 rounds till end of season Moenchengladbach is in relegation zone they need win to stay in league,Hannover is 3rd. Moenchengladbach gets help from Hannover and stay in league!

suspecious matches

ht/ft 1/2 click to see
 ht 1-0 ,than red card for home team ; ft 1-2
odds for away win 5.00 click to see ft 0-1
over 6,5 goals click to see
 ft 6-1 ,home team need points to stay in league.

missings (injuries/suepnsions)
only problem are missings in away team.
Hannover without Radlinger(gk 0/0), Cherundolo(df 15/0), Eggimann(df 19/1), Felipe(df 3/1), Schulze , Andreasen(mf 4/2), Aycicek(mf 0/0), Franca(mf0/0), Gießelmann(df 0/0), Huszti(mf 21/9), Schünemann(mf 0/0) and Stindl(mf 14/2)

but if they are cooperating no matter of those missings Hannover will win.

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