Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hearts - St.Johnstone DNB2 @2.05 (bwin)
Hearts have big problems inside the club! No money,no real coach,no motivation ...
wages are late and players are nervous and demotivated,real coach Ryan McGowan left team last week on his place will be assistant coach Locke. Few important players also left team because of financial problems...
for this match Hearts miss Robinson(mf 13/0), McGowan(mf 14/0), Grainger(df 13/2), captain Zaliukas(df 24/2 key defender), Patterson(mf 22/3 key midifler) and Hamill(df 0/0).. also Hearts is in bad form 5 lost matches in a row.
St Johnstone dont have missings,coach have full squad available Davidson and captain Murray are back in team!
quality,motivation,experience and form on away side.
value bet for me.

Macedonia 2 Division
Babi - Makedonija GP   2  (no odds)   FT 0-1 
plus (looks like fixed,undeserved penalty for away team,i watch the match referee was on away side,good for us)
Babi is weak team,maybe weakest in league. last season they promote from 3rd divison (east),they finish on 2nd place but because 1st placed team Bregalnica Delchevo dont have money to pay fee Babi promote! They didnt bring quality players for 2nd division and that is the reason why they are last on table with just 8 points in 15 matches. In last 4 days they cant train because of heavy rains,stadiums and fields were destroyed ...
Makedonija GP is team with big tradition in Macedonian football,they relegate in 3rd division on dirty way (by FFM's decision). But now they are back on winning tracks,they bring many quality players and now they are 2nd main candidate for promotion! transfers
 They will promote for sure,question is: WHY?
i will explain..
Ilco Gjorgievski (now new FFM's president) is ex Makedonija GP coach,he is in very good relationships with Makedonija GP and he helps them a lot,he delegates them good referees who will be on their side ...

quality,experience,motivation,preparadness on away side.

Croatia NHL 2
Gorica - Primorac

quality on home side,odds dropping.
Primorac left some key players in winter transfer period ,they bring some players but all of them are young and unexperienced. today Primorac without: Gusić, Mić, Čavar, Bartulić, Muslim.

Zelina - Rudes

Zelina left 3 best players Fucek,Brlecic and Mladicek,also for this match out are Šimek, Melnjak, Đurđek
Rudes without Scrbec

England League Two
Oxford - Rotherham

suspecious h2h!
Oxford without Clarke(first gk 24/0),Leven(mf 20/4),PIttman(att 12/1) and Richards(att 4/0)
Rotherham have full squad available.

Cheltenham - Chesterfield

Cheltenham without Hooman(df 5/0)
Chesterfield without Clay(mf 18/0) and Darwika(mf 22/4).

England Championship
Bolton - Blackburn

Bolton miss two important midiflers Andrews(25/4) and Davies(24/6)
Blackburn without Robinson(first gk 21/0),Etuhu(mf 20/1),Olsson(df 28/0),Best(att 0/0),Richards(mf 23/3),Dunn(mf 7/0) and Wiliamnson(mf 1/0).

Crystal Palace - Hull City

Crystal Palace without Ward(df 19/0),McCarthy(df 0/0),Gabbidon(df 5/0),Mortiz(mf 21/5),Garvan(mf 24/4) and Nimely(att 2/0).
Hull without Dudgeon(df 9/0),Cairne(mf 9/0),Fryatt(att 0/0) and Aluko(mf 23/8).

Huddersfield - Middlesbrough

Huddersfield without Ward(mf 22/1),Southern(mf 24/1),great striker Beckford(att 13/3) and Vaughan(att 24/8 top scorer)
Middlesbrough without Hoyte(df 17/0),Parnaby(df 14/0),Arce(mf 1/0) and Jutkiwiecz(8 goals,2nd top scorer).


  1. h2h looks like cooperation (3for3) ... maybe they are sharing points and helps each other :)