Thursday, March 7, 2013


Copa Postobon
Santa Fe - Llaneros , Llaneros +1,25ah @1.76 (188bet)   FT 0-0  plus
huge quality difference on home side.
Santa Fe is team from Primera A ,playing on 3 fronts (copa libertadores,primera a and copa postobon) ... really hard for them,coach must rotate team in some matches ... competitions in S.America are crazy i told that many times... today in 21:00 Santa Fe play Copa Postobon match vs Llaneros... later in 23:15 they play Copa Libertadores match with Cerro Porteno on away ground (in paraguay)

of course Santa Fe this match will play with alternative team!
coach,assistant coach and all first team players and reserves are in paraguay
so for this match Santa Fe will use juniors!!
Santa Fe without: Vargas(first gk 6/0),Sanchez(second gk 0/0),Mendoza(df 2/0),Roa(df 4/0),Valdes(df 4/1),Meza(df 5/0),Garcia(df 4/0),Anchico(mf 4/1),Bedoya(mf 3/0),Perez(mf 4/1),Molina(mf 5/0),Torres(mf 5/0),Valencia(mf 5/0),Arias(att 5/2),Medina(att 5/6),Borja(att 6/0),Cuero(att 5/0) - all of them are in paraguay.

Llaneros is team from Primera B but i think they can do something against Santa Fe's juniors!

Junior - Valledupar

both teams with mixed line ups.

Junior line up: Carlos Rodríguez(second gk 2/0), Ronald Herrera(df 0/0), Harold Macías(df 0/0), Brayner García(mf 3/0), Arol Reyes(df 0/0), Luis Narvaez(mf 2/0), Guillermo Celis, Jhonatan Alvarez, Edwin Cardona(mf 4/1), Edison Toloza(att 5/1) y Diego Álvarez(att 1/0).
Valledupar line up: William Robledo(second gk 0/0), Rafael Vallest(df 0/0), José Bermúdez(df 1/0), Juan Diego Uribe(df 4/0), Eduardo Simanca(mf 1/0), Janer Suárez(mf 4/0), Saramys Rodríguez, José Muñoz(mf 0/0), Esnaider Salinas(mf 6/2), Erick Reyna(att 0/0) y Walter Franco(att 3/0).

Barranquila - Uniautonoma
Barranquila line up: Jair Mosquera; Jorge Muñoz, Pablo Maldonado, Jair Blanco y Oidel Pérez; Alex Rambal, Alexis Mendoza, Diego Escorcia, Eduardo Labarrera y José Rivera; Raúl Peñaranda.
Uniautonoma line up: Ernesto Hernández(gk 4/0), Joel Salas(df 0/0), Gabriel Martínez(df 1/0), Rubén Jaramillo(df 0/0), Lic Meyer Asprilla, Víctor Palacio(df 5/0), Andrés Roa(mf 2/0), John Ulloque(mf 4/1), Sergio Blanco(mf 2/0), Michael Barrios(att 4/0) y Rodrigo Hernández(att 2/0).
both teams from Primera B,Uniautonoma is better team but they will play with mostly reserves in this match,while Barranquila will use many first team players.

Fylkir - Grindavik
very suspecious match for me! 
match is suspecious for bookies too,bet365 block ht/ft odds!!

Grindavik like to fix matches,especially 2/1 and 1/2 ... they make some little pause 9 matches they didnt play 1/2 and 2/1 so i think now it is time!
Fylkir 15 matches didnt play 1/2 and 2/1 ...
ideal time for fixing.

in past this two teams make some very good 1/2 and 2/1 matches with high odds ht 0-1 ; ft 2-1 (2/1 ,classic goal in 86min from penalty kick for home win) ht 1-0 ; ft 1-4 (now 1/2, goal from penalty kick in 51min for 1-1) ht 2-1 ; ft 2-3 (odds for 1/2 on this match were around 65.00 ,i remember that because i get some good money on that match! goal in 94min for away win)  watch highlights for that match here!! take a look at goal for 2-2 lol ht 1-0 ; ft 1-2 (another 1/2 ,again mega high odds around 90.00 maybe even more!!!) ht 0-1 ; ft 2-1 (in second half red card for guests and goal in 90min for home win). click on results,you will see that every match is very suspecious,in almost every match there are penalty kicks,red cards or goals in last minutes!

worth a try
1/2 (Fylkir/Grindavik) @51.00 (sportingbet)
2/1 (Grindavik/Flykir) @21.00 (sportingbet)

small stakes!
in local bookies you can find better odds!

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