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Motor - Rhein Neckar 1 @5.20 (bah) pick lost
odds for home win dropping quickly!!
reason is that Rhein came on this match with B team!!
Rhein is sure on 1st place so coach decide to give a rest to key players !! also they have few players injured, Uwe Gensheimer (Achillessehnenriss), Kim Ekdahl du Rietz (Muskelfaserriss), Marius Steinhauser (Kreuzbandriss) und Denni Djozic (Innenbandanriss) are unavailable.
I think that Motor have enough quality to beat Rhein reserves!

also good bets:
Motor +0,5ah @3.47 (offsidebet) or 1X @3.94 (doxxbet)

Spain Segunda 
Barcelona B - Huesca
Huesca +0ah @3.55 (bet365) , Huesca +0,5ah @2.26 (pinnacle) , X2 @2.20 (sportingbet)
FT 0-1

probably you all know that Barcelona B cant promote in Primera Division because of the rules.
so Barcelona B dont have real motivation to win this match ... true they have quality,young,talented team but for nothing.
today Barcelona B have many important missings today,14 players are unavailable!!
Juste(df 0/0),key player Lobato(df 24/6 ,4th scorer),Grimaldo(df 24/0),Planas(df 25/1),Kiko(mf 25/1) are injured,Oier(first gk 16/0),Quesada(mf 0/0) and Olivan(df 0/0) are out by some other reason, while Muniesa(df 4/0),Ie(df 1/0),,Gustavo(mf 18/0),Ca(mf 3/0) and best player Deulofeu(att 26/19 top scorer) are on international duty!
Huesca is fighting to stay in league,they desperate need points and they must to do something in this match. They miss Tariq(att 21/5) but that is not important because they have good replacement for him in attack.
with all those missings in home side i think that Huesca have good chances in this match
value odds,GL

Scotland 3 Division
Rangers - Stirling  , 
Stirling +2,5ah @1.84 (dafabet;pinnacle) FT 0-0 pick won 
Rangers in deep problems for this match.
8 players are unavailable.
Francisco Sandaza(att 15/2) is suspended,same as Ian Black(mf 23/1),while Dean Shiels(att 21/7 ,4th scorer), Ross Perry(df 17/0), Lewis Macleod(mf 20/3), David Templeton(mf 18/10 ,3rd scorer) and Darren Cole(df 2/0) are out through injury and Andy Little(att 25/22 top scorer) is away on international duty with Northern Ireland.

Stirling +2,5ah @1.84 (dafabet;pinnacle)
. worth a try,Rangers is best (home) team in league,Stirling worst away team but now situation is different ... maybe Rangers will win because they have long bench and lot of quality players but not with 3 goal difference.

Copa Argentina
Argentinos Juniors - Sp.Belgrano
match will be played on neutral ground

quality is on Argentinos side, Argentinos Juniors is playing in Primera Division (best argentina's league) but they are 2nd from bottom (that means that they are weak team),while Sp Belgrano is playing in Argentino A (4th league) ...

Argentinos today will use B team,reserve coach will lead the team.
Argentinos line up: Sebastián Giovini(third gk 0/0) ; Franco Flores(df 2/0) , Patricio Matricardi , Juan Pablo Lemos , Guillermo Benítez ;  Rodrigo Gómez(mf 0/0) , Sebastián Navarro(mf 11/1) , Matías García , Juan Ramírez(mf 14/0) ; José Carlos Fernández(att 2/0) y Lautaro Rinaldi
source: click here to see whole Argentinos squad
Sp.Belgrano without Claudio Verino(df 9/2) , Juan Carlos Galarraga(mf 5/0) y Juan Manuel Aróstegui(att 20/12) . Coach decide to use best team for this match
Sporivo Belgrano line up: Rodrigo Baruco(first gk 26/0); Emanuel Urquiza(df 21/0), César Medina(df 20/1), Franco Miranda(df 10/0), Matias García(df 25/2); Nicolas Fassino, Luciano Mazzina(mf 19/0), Agustín González Tapia(mf 21/5); Juan Pablo Francia(mf 25/10); Ezequiel Barrionuevo(mf 21/3) y Facundo Perassi(att 3/0).
they want to win this match,players are highly motivated.

Germany 3 Liga
Hansa Rostock - Darmstadt

Rostock without Gusche(df 8/0),Haas(mf 18/0),Jordanov(mf 11/1),Lartey(mf 1/0),Starke(mf 5/0)
Darmstadt without Martini(gk 0/0) and Tatara(att 16/3)

Stuttgard II - Arminia Biefeld

Stuttgart II without Guvenc(gk 9/0),Fennell(df 12/2),Stadler(df 15/0)
Arminia without Riemer(df 11/0),key midifler Hille(mf 27/8 ,2nd scorer),Jerat(mf 23/1) and Schutz(mf 27/1)

Wacker Burghausen - Aachen

Burghausen without Mokhtari(att 24/4),Aupperle(df 25/2),Schmidt(mf 22/1),Schwarz(mf 12/3),Kulabas(att 24/2)
Aachen without Erb(df 16/0),Stehle(df 10/0),Demai(mf 2/0),Kefkir(mf 24/2),Muller(mf 14/2),Rosler(att 7/1)